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Research publications and dissemination

Research dissemination and knowledge-sharing

The Department aims to conduct research that is used actively in society. We use different types of media (lectures, popular science publications, participation in various forms of journalistic, edited media, etc.) to reach different audiences. These audiences can include everything from potential students and potential colleagues to future recipients of grants, and the general public.

The Department’s wide-ranging dissemination and knowledge sharing is intended to support the core areas of our research and teaching, but our staff contribute to research dissemination in all areas and contexts in which their insights can benefit society.

Enquiries from news outlets, lecture organisers and others are forwarded to the researchers and academics who have the most expertise in the subject in question.

If you would like to learn more about the specific members of staff’s interests and expertise, you can visit the members of staff’s personal web pages.

Research publications and activities

Overview of research publications and other research activities at the Department of Political Science and Public Management since 2009.

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Last Updated 14.02.2024