Recent Publications

Journal articles:

Brink, T. (forthcoming). Organising to Enable Innovation. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research.

Brink, T. (forthcoming). Passion and Compassion Represent Dualities for Growth.  International Journal of Organisational Analysis.

Brink, T. (forthcoming). The impact on growth of outside-in and inside-out innovation in SME networks. International Journal of Innovation Management.

Meißner, M., S.L. Heinzle, & R. Decker (2013). Not Worth the Extra Cost? Diluting the Differentiation Ability of Highly Rated Products by Altering the Meaning of Rating Scale Levels. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 12(3), 223-231.

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Brink, T & Svendsen, G.L.H. (2013), 'Social capital or waste of time?: Social network, social capital and 'uncontentional alliances' among Danish rural entrepreneurs' Business and Management Research, vol. 2, nr. 1, s. 55-68.

Horbel, C. (2013): Service-dominant logic and tourism management – Enriching each other, Die Betriebswirtschaft, 73(2), 27-38.

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Budzinski, O., & J. Fredborg  Huric Larsen (2012). The Morgan Stanley/Visa Saga: How does Economics help Address Double-Sided Markets? Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 3(2), 212–216. [link]

Budzinski, O. (2012). The institutional framework for doing sports business: principles of EU competition policy in sports markets. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 11(1-2), 44–72.

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Feddersen, A. & W. Maennig (2012). Mega-events and sectoral employment: the case of the 1996 Olympic Games. Contemporary Economic Policy. [link]

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Thong, N.T. (2012). An Inverse Almost Ideal Demand System (IAIDS) for Mussels in Europe. Marine Resource Economics, 27(2), 149164.

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Hansen, T., J.M. Jensen, & H.S. Solgaard (2011). When Supermarket Consumers Get Stocked in the Middle. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 39(11), 836850.

Kretschmer, J.P., & O. Budzinski (2011). Advertised Meeting-the-Competition Clauses: Collusion Instead of Price Discrimination. Economics Bulletin, 31(4), 31533157.


Budzinski, O., & Feddersen, A. (forthcoming). Contemporary Research in Sports Economics – Proceedings of the 5th ESEA Conference. Frankfurt a.M.: Lang International Publishers.

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Eskerod, P. & Jepsen, A.L. (2012). Project Stakeholder Management. Farnham: Gower. [link]

Book chapter:

Brink, T (2013), 'Netværkssamarbejdende SMV'ere: Hvordan påvirker de livet på landet?: Viden, cases og teorier'. i G Svendsen (red.), Livsvilkår og udviklingsmuligheder på landet: Viden, cases og teorier. Syddansk Universitetsforlag, Odense, s. 89.

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Horbel, C., Stadtelmann, M., & Woratschek, H. (2013). Dienstleistungsproduktivität: Perspektivenwechsel von der Produktions- zur Wertorientierung [Service productivity – From a production to a value perspective]. In R. B. Bouncken (Ed.), Prozess-, Produktivitäts- und Diversitätsmanagement im Krankenhaus (in press). Wiesbaden: Springer.

Brink, T, Madsen, SO, Andersen, C & Trads, M (2012), 'Værdikædeforståelse: grundlag for udvikling af konkurrencedygtige, videnbaserede produkter og serviceydelser'. I Børsens Ledelseshåndbøger. vol. SCM, Børsen, s. 1- 20. Børsens Ledelseshåndbøger.

Sattler, Henrik, Oliver Schnittka and Franziska Völckner (2012): An Empirical Analysis of Brand Image Transfer in Multiple Sports Sponsorships, in: A. Diamantopoulos, Fritz, W., Hildebrand, L. (Eds.): Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Management - Marketing Models and Methods in Theory and Practice, p. 517-530, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg.

Horbel, C.(2012). Identifikation und Ko-Kreation von Werten im Non-Profit-Bereich - Eine videographische Untersuchung am Beispiel von Blutspendern [Identification and Value Co-Creation in the Non-Profit Sector – A Videographic Study on Blood Donation], in: G. Schmitz (Ed.): Theorie und Praxis des Dienstleistungsmarketing: Neue Konzepte und Entwicklungen, Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler (pp. 51-74).

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Reprint (in German): Vargo, S.L., Lusch, R.F., Horbel, C. & Wieland, H. (2011). Alternative Logiken für Dienstleistungen: von hybriden Systemen zu Serviceökosystemen, in: D. Spath & W. Ganz (Eds.): Am Puls wirtschaftlicher Entwicklung. Dienstleistungstrends (pp. 137-153), München: Hanser.

Woratschek, H., & Horbel, C. (2011). Relationship Management im Gesundheitswesen – ein theoretischer Rahmen zur Analyse der Beziehungen [Relationship Management in Health Care – A Theoretical Framework for the Analysis of Relationships], in: G. Rüter, P. Da-Cruz, & P. Schwegel (Eds.): Gesundheitsökonomie und Wirtschaftspolitik (pp. 289-303),

Jiang, L. (2011), Determinants of Tanker Price in the Chinese Shipbuilding Industry, In: T. Notteboom (Ed.), Current issues in shipping, ports and logistics (pp. 5168). Antwerp: UPA University Press Antwerp.

Budzinski, O., & B. Kuchinke (2011). Deal or No Deal? In T. Theurl (Ed.), Gute Regeln oder Wirtschaftslenkung?: Europas neue Herausforderungen (pp. 119144). Berlin: Duncker & Humblot 2011.


Peer Reviewed Conference proceedings and working papers


Hansen, T., Cumberland, F., & Solgaard, H. S. (2013). How the Measurement of Store Choice Behaviour Moderates the Relationship between Distance and Store Choice Behaviour. Paper presented at the International Marketing Trends Conference, Paris, France.

Larsen, Jesper Fredborg H. (2013), Green Competition Policy. Paper accepted for presentation at the  ‘25th Annual EAEPE Conference.’ Université Paris Nord (University of Paris 13, Campus Bobigny), Paris, France, from 7 to 9 November 2013.

Horbel, C., Popp, B., & Woratschek, H. (2013). The Effects of Customer Satisfaction and Consumer-Brand Identification on Customer Loyalty Revisited: The Moderating Role of Market Uncertainty. Proceedings of the 42nd European Marketing Academy Conference, Istanbul.

Popp, B., Horbel, C., & Woratschek, H. (2013). Online Brand Communities: Loyal to the Community or the Brand? Proceedings of the 42nd European Marketing Academy Conference, Istanbul.

Relling, Marleen, Oliver Schnittka and Henrik Sattler (2013): Analyzing the moderating impact of community purpose on consumer reactions to negative word-of-mouth in online brand communities, in: Lost in translation – marketing in an interconnected world, Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, Istanbul.

Yang, Yingkui, Wolfgang Haider and Hans Stubbe Solgaard. (2013). Accounting for preference heterogeneity among residential energy consumers. Conference papers for the 10th International Conference on the European Energy Market, Stockholm Sweden.


Meißner, M., P. Kottemann, & R. Decker (2012). Measuring Brand Concept Maps in Computer-Aided Interviews. ANZMAC 2012 Conference Proceedings.

Larsen, Jesper Fredborg H. (2012). Deregulation and Shelter Policy. Paper presented at Jornadas de Economia Industrial XXVII (JEIXXVII)’, Murcia, Spain.

Larsen, Jesper Fredborg H. (2012). ‘Rural at the Edge’, paper presented at the conference on Rural Economies in Times of Crisis. Joensuu, Finland.

Popp, B., Woratschek, H., & Horbel, C. (2012). The Importance of Social Interactions in Virtual Brand Communities for Retaining Customers and Inducing WOM. Proceedings of the 41st European Marketing Academy Conference, Lisbon.

Schnittka, Oliver, Henrik Sattler and Mario Farsky (2012): From Tour de France to Tour de Farce: The Effect of Negative Sponsorship Information on Sponsors' Brand Image, in: Marketing to Citizen - Going beyond Customers and Consumers, Proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, Lisbon.

Woratschek, H., Popp, B., & Horbel, C. (2012). The Effects of Customer-Brand Identification, Customer Satisfaction and Price Acceptability on Customer Loyalty Intentions. Proceedings of the 41st European Marketing Academy Conference, Lisbon.

Woratschek, H., Horbel, C., & Popp, B. (2012): The Sport Value Framework – A New Fundamental Logic for Analyses in Sport Management. Proceedings of the 20th Conference of the European Association for Sport Management, Aalborg.

Yang, Yingkui and Hans Stubbe Solgaard (2012). Households' perceptions of  and willingness to pay for green electricity service. Conference papers for the 41st Annual EMAC Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.


Ahlfeldt, G., & A. Feddersen (2011). From Periphery to Core: Economic Adjustments to High Speed Rail. ERSA conference papers, European Regional Science Association. [link]

Horbel, C., & Woratschek, H. (2011): Recruitment And Retention Of Blood Donors: An Analysis Of Motivation-Related Determinants Of Donor Behaviour Across Types Of Donations. Proceedings of the 40th European Marketing Academy Conference, Ljubljana.

Popp, B., Woratschek, H., & Horbel, C. (2011). The Importance of Social Interactions in Virtual Brand Communities for Retaining Customers and Inducing WOM. Proceedings of the 19th International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing (ICRM), Rochester, NY.

Walther, S., Eymann, T.  Horbel, C. (2011). A Service-Dominant Logic Based Service-Productivity Improvement Framework, Proceedings of the RESER Conference – Service Productivity, Hamburg.

Meißner, M., R. Decker, & S.W. Scholz (2011). Using Eyetracking and Mouselab to Examine How Respondents Process Information in Choice-based Conjoint Analysis. Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference 2010, Newport Beach, California, 151-170.

Wellbrock, Christian and Oliver Schnittka (2011): Does It Really Hurt? An Empirical Analysis of Media Sponsorship Effects on National Daily Newspapers, in: The Day After – Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation, Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, Ljubljana.  

Woratschek, H., & Horbel, C. (2011). Gaining New Customers By Building Relationships To Disloyal Customers: A Study Of Word-Of-Mouth In The Context Of Destination Marketing. Proceedings of the 40th European Marketing Academy Conference, Ljubljana.

Woratschek, H., Horbel, C., & Popp, B. (2011). Co-Creation, Identification and the Service-Profit Chain - The Case of Sport Events. Proceedings of the 19th Conference of the European Association for Sport Management, Madrid.

Completed Ph.D. projects 2012 – 2013

Tien Nguyen

Title: Consumer Preference, Demand, and Choice of Seafood: Different Approaches

Abstract: The project investigates seafood market in the EU at both market and consumer individual level. At the market level, I use demand system analysis and hedonic price model to investigate the price formation of mussels at ex-farm gate and in auction market. At the consumer individual level, I use choice model and stated preference data to reveal consumer preference and the market structure of different seafood species.

Supervisor: Professor Hans Stubbe Solgaard

Time period: February 2009 - May 2012

Funding: SDU and MarBioShell project

Yingkui Yang

Title: Essays on an Investigation of Green Consumer Behavior and Energy Consumption

Abstract: Green power marketing has become increasingly important in the deregulated energy marketplace. Not only because green power products can satisfy consumers’ green preferences, but also because green power demand can push energy producers to seek more sustainable and competitive ways of generating renewable energy. Although campaigns for promoting green electricity has been developed, implemented and executed, sales of green electricity only make up a small fractional of the total energy sales, indicating that there is still a lack of understanding of consumer behavior in this marketplace. The purpose of this project is to investigate Danish households’ preference for and willingness to pay for green electricity. Methodologically, I apply both a contingent valuation approach and a discrete choice modeling approach. Data is collected from an Internet panel using self-administrated questionnaires. This PhD project includes: 1) developing a forecasting model depicting how green electricity product will penetrate into the market, 2) validating the theory of reason action (TRA) and the theory of planned behavior (TPB) to predict the households’ buying intention, and 3) modeling consumers’ preference and willingness to pay for green electricity. The project contributes to increase our understanding of consumer perceptions for and stated willingness-to-pay for green electricity products and to help advance the theoretical framework in the field of green power marketing. The managerial implication of this study is to help electricity retailers formulate marketing plans at the tactical and strategic levels for green electricity (e.g. how to increase the product involvement and enhance communication with consumers), and help policy makers evaluate consumers’ role in promoting renewable energy. My areas of interest are consumer behavior, green energy and consumer choice modelling.

Supervisor: Professor Hans Stubbe Solgaard

Time period: December 2009 - December 2012

Funding: “Energi på havet” (Energy at sea), Offshore Center Denmark, the Growth Forum for Southern Denmark, and the European Regional Development Fund.

Lisbeth Brøde Jepsen

Liping Jiang

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