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The process

Autumn 2016
Firms announce an internship/trainee position. Senior professors from SDU offer to assist the firm.

February 2017
SDU selects elite students based on grades as well as their motivation and dedication to developing capabilities and applying a high academic level for decision making in international business.

You meet the firms, who present their internship, and engage in dialogue with students.

March 2017
Students apply for positions.

April 2017
Firms interview students who have applied. Firms select a student for their internship.

May 2017
Both the firm and the student sign a contract which states that the intention of both parties is to go through all three steps, but that each of the parties is allowed to cease the collaboration after each step.

August 2017
The elite students participate in a summer school course focused on headquarter/subsidiary relationships, new distribution channels, emerging markets or other relevant international business topics.

The student’s contact person in your firm may participate in (parts of) this two-week course.

Autumn 2017
The student has an office space in the firm for at least two months during which (s)he carries out the tasks defined by the firm as mentioned in Step 1.

These tasks should be seen as a preparation for the Master´s thesis.



  • Research concerning a new target market or customer segment
  • Institutional conditions when entering emerging markets (e.g. BRIC countries)
  • How to manage the relationship between headquarter and subsidiary
  • Offshoring – do’s and don’ts
  • Any international business topic of relevance for the firm

 The elite students participate in two master classes on topics of relevance for international business activities. These are extra-curricular activities required for participation in the elite programme. The student’s contact person in the firm is obliged to participate two days in order to discuss analyses and decision making in selected company cases.

If both parties wish to go to Step 2, the firm and the student formulate the topic and content of the intended Master´s thesis (in collaboration with a senior professor who will be supervising the student).

Spring 2018
The student has an office space in the firm during her/his work on the thesis topic. The student’s supervisor will participate in meetings in the firm once or twice during the course of the semester.

Autumn 2018-Spring 2019
If both parties wish to go to Step 2, the firm employs the candidate for one year in a traineeship with normal salary.




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