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Seminar: Cultural Codes and Brandrelated Effects

Forskningspræsentation v/Monika Hajdas, Wroclaw University, Polen Date: 11.9.2019

Monika Hajdas works with Cultural Branding strategies both as researcher and consultant. She is focused on developing methods and models for measuring the relationship between cultural codes and brand equity. Thus Hajdas applies a quantitative approach to a field, that is dominated by qualitative, anthropological and sociological methods – and tries to bridge different professional traditions.


Her exploration of models that can measure the impact of Cultural Branding is strongly encouraged by her experience from private enterprises and an explicit demand from businesses.


Monika Hajdas has worked with several European brands, and she firmly believes that brands can (and should) develop brand narratives that are able to make a positive change to the world both socially and culturally.

See her TED talk ’Get ready for the silver tsunami’ -

Associate Professor Maria Elo (IBE) had invited Monika Hajdas. They have for some time collaborated on research projects about brands and branding.

Maria Elo, Associate Professor (IBE)

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