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Corona prefects and Corona bullies

COVID-19 has released a "responsibility-dogma". From the the queen and prime minister sounds the message: We have to act sensibly and properly for the sake of our fellow humans. Politicians, researchers, celebrities. neighbors, family, friends - Everyone talks about, how important and righteous it is to be responsible and show citizenship. Only by standing together and following the decrees the goverment issues, can we minimize the terrible effects of the pandimic. We haven't seen this amount of ideological collaboration since the Second World War.

Despite how serious Mette Frederiksen is, there are still many who defies the quarantine and go back to the collective life - Without keeping distance.

Where do these irresponsible people come from? People who ignore the governments recommendations and griefless walks around in the city, gets tanned in parks and on bridges, group together on trails around lakes and enjoy the fine weather, as if the world is fine. Are they just ruthless, thoughtless and irresponsible?

Domen Bajde and Judy Hermansen philosophize about this subject in this article from K-Forum.