Nordic Workshop on Transnational entrepreneurship 18-19 May 2016

On the 18th of May 2016, Per Servais from the department of Marketing and Management, SDU welcomed the participants to the workshop in Transnational Entrepreneurship. The idea was to discuss collaborative research on projects and papers – and to find new funding possibilities, -and set a Nordic agenda for TE research.

Maria Elo from Turku University and Gitte Rosenbaum from SDU started with two presentations. Firstly Maria Elo presented an “Introduction to Diaspora and Transnational Entrepreneurship” and afterwards, Gitte Rosenbaum based a presentation on her PhD thesis on Gender Entrepreneurship as a subgroup of entrepreneurs. After a short break, Florian Taube from Solvay Brussels School had a presentation on researching TE´s. After Florian Taubes presentation the participants had a chance to ask questions to all 3 speakers.

On the 19th of May 2016, Per Servais started the day with challenging the participants on TE and International Entrepreneurship, finding a role in International Business. Afterwards different topics were discussed. First theories concerning migrant-based entrepreneurship by Maria Elo and afterwards, “Where do Entrepreneurs find Opportunities” by Tuija Mainela from Oulu University. After lunch Martin Hannibal from SDU presented “On the Study of Academic TE’s”, followed by a general discussion on funding for both education and research.

The workshop was finalized with group work introduced by Susanne Sandberg, LNU on the Call for Paper for IJESB and on identifying potential funding opportunities for further research. The discussion was led by Susanne and Maria and started off by looking into the Call for Paper and the journal itself. The brainstorming on topics for the Call for Paper included terms such as peripheral, eco-systems, co-working/sharing, family related to entrepreneurship, network and mobility, relationships between business and institutions, social systems and action research and experiments. Additionally, some more explicit topics were represented by respectively; Maria and Päivi on part-time entrepreneurs, Dan on how to navigate in social systems to become an entrepreneur, Bai on a case study on a Chinese returnee entrepreneur, Stelios on looking into the regional influence of SME CSR work in peripheral areas, Susanne on refugee entrepreneurship and Zsuzsanna and Svjith with a focus on firms in rural contexts. At last, topics such as Chinese doing business in Africa, contribution of entrepreneurships to local communities and digital dimension of entrepreneurship (e.g. mobile banking in Africa) were introduced.

After summing up the discussion, Susanne Sandberg welcomed the participants to the second workshop in TE, being held at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, southeast Sweden on the 24th-25th of October 2016. This workshop will follow up on the Call for Paper by covering the finalization of its papers, the funding issues and how to make contributions to policy makers. Leo-Paul Dana, The editor of Call for Paper, is invited as the key-note speaker. 


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