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Doctoral Colloquium

The colloquium is organized by Dr. Martin Hannibal and professor Gary Knight. It provides an opportunity for doctoral students to discuss their research plans and their work in progress with leading scholars and colleagues in the field of International Entrepreneurship. 

The students who are selected to participate in the colloquium will be requested to present a short paper about their thesis proposal. Participating students are also required to attend the McGill Conference, immediately following the tutorial. The colloquium will mostly proceed in parallel tracks based on the topical and/or methodological angle of participant's work as well as on the stage of the dissertation process. Doctoral students from any discipline whose research focuses on international entrepreneurship, and at any stage in their doctoral studies, are invited to attend.


Paper submission format and details

PhD proposals for the Doctoral Colloquium

Submission deadline


Submission format

1,000 to 2,000 words

Submission instructions

The detailed synopses of PhD research proposals should be 1,000–2,000 words

Please email your proposals in Word format to Martin Hannibal:


Authors of accepted proposals will be notified two weeks after the deadline


Last Updated 26.08.2019