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About the conference

Conference Theme

Pioneered in 1998 by Prof. Hamid Etemad and his colleagues at McGill University Montreal, the McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference series has brought together insightful academic scholars, practitioners and policy makers with interests in international entrepreneurship, SME internationalization and export growth.

The aim of this annual conference is to invite research papers that examine and bring to light the frontier issues related to entrepreneurial internationalization and internationalization of entrepreneurially oriented firms in increasingly diverse, complex and fast-moving global markets. 

The theme of the 2019 conference is the opportunities and challenges facing such firms in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition to a special session track on this theme, the conference offers two additional special session tracks:  International entrepreneurship in and from China and Asia, and Emerging and developing economies - Challenges and opportunities of international entrepreneurship. You can find more information about the three tracks in the Submission section.

The Conference Organization

The Conference Organization and Scientific Committee consists of:

  • Tage Koed Madsen – Conference Chair
  • Hamid Etemad
  • Gary Knight
  • Martin Hannibal
  • Erik S. Rasmussen
  • Maria Elo
  • Gitte Rosenbaum
  • Yi Wang
  • Ulrik Bjørn Nielsen
  • Nathalie Nørregaard Larsen
  • Pernille Juhl Mogensen
  • Eva Devantier

The 23rd McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference is organized by the research group International Business & Entrepreneurship that aims to contribute to an improved understanding of the emergence and growth of firms in diverse markets. International Entrepreneurship, including the study of International New Ventures/Born Globals thus becomes a central research topic of the group.

Please find more information about the group at here, about the Department of Marketing & Management here and about the University of Southern Denmark here.


Conference Venue

The conference will be held in the conference section near the main entrance at the University of Southern Denmark, main campus in Odense.

Please view the map for further details.

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