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International Business & Entrepreneurship

This SDU research group focuses specifically on the international business activities of B2B companies within the setting of an increasingly internationalized world.
The goal of the research group is to con-tribute to an improved understanding of the emergence and growth of firms in diverse markets, through the study of the organization of marketing and strategic activities both within the firm and through the interplay with other actors on the market. The research group is engaged in two major research themes:

  • International Business
  • International Entrepreneurship

University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark has research and educational activities in Natural Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences.
The campuses of the university are represented in 6 cities: Odense, Esbjerg, Kolding, Copenhagen, Slagelse, and Sønderborg - all with main focus on education and research. Odense is the main campus of SDU, and nearly all the university’s programmes are represented here. The campus SDU Odense is located roughly three kilometers from the city centre and is larger than the Principality of Monaco. Through Studiebyen Odense (city of studies Odense) we collaborate with all the other educational institutions in Odense.
Around 20,000 students are enrolled at 284 different study programmes. The main campus in Odense represents about 80% of all activities at the university.

Last Updated 25.11.2019