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Outreach sessions: CCT meets...

The 2018 CCT Conference does not feature keynote speakers in the traditional sense. Instead, significant voices from neighbouring research communities are invited to participate in special outreach sessions, where they will engage with the work and ideas of CCT, breaking down disciplinary barriers and widening intellectual horizons.

Invited speakers

Frederick Wherry

Frederick F. Wherry is Professor of Sociology at Princeton University. He earned his PhD in sociology from Princeton in 2004 and his MPA from the Woodrow Wilson School in 2000. He uses qualitative and comparative methods to ask how race and other identities matter in the marketplace, how individuals make sense of credit and debt, and why some communities (but not others) can more easily use their cultural traditions to revitalize their neighborhoods. He is the president of the Social Science History Association and chair-elect of the Economic Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association.

Richard Wilk

Richard Wilk is Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University. He earned his PhD in anthropology from University of Arizona in 1981 and was awarded the title of Honorary Doctorate from Lund University in 2012. He has made many significant contributions to the anthropology of markets and consumption and has in particular advanced our knowledge of food consumption and globalization.

Speaker #3 (from market studies): TBA

A third and final invited speaker will be announced shortly...

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