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PhD Events at CCTC 2018

Global CCT PhD Student Committee: Hanane Driouich (University of Hassan II), Maja Golf Papež (University of Canterbury), Anil Isisag (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Alison Joubert (The University of Queensland), Maíra Lopes (Stockholm University), Laetitia Mimoun (HEC Paris), Isabela Morais (Fundação Getulio Vargas), Anuja Pradhan (Lancaster University), Irina Balog (Göthenburg University), Lez Trujillo Torres (University of Illinois at Chicago), Luciana Velloso (York University)

PRE-CONFERENCE WELCOME DRINKS: Thursday, June 28 17.00 – at the ODEON café (conference venue)

Organizers: Maíra Lopes (Stockholm Business School), Laetitia Mimoun (HEC Paris), Anuja Pradhan (Lancaster University), Lez Trujillo Torres (University of Chicago at Illinois)

Welcome by Domen Bajde (University of Southern Denmark)

Come and share an informal welcome drink with your peers. Catch up with your friends and meet new people for a great start to the conference and strengthen the connections to your PhD cohort. We especially encourage first time attendees to join in!

POST-CONFERENCE ROUNDTABLES: Sunday, July 1 14.00 – at the SDU building (room TBA)

Participate in roundtables with your peers to discuss subjects that truly matter to PhD student in a welcoming, non-judgemental, and collaborative environment. Three roundtables will be organized around the following topics.

Managing the relationship with the advisor/supervisor – chairs: Anil Isisag, Anuja Pradhan, & Luciana Velloso

Advisors/supervisors play a major role in our Ph.D. years. This session will focus on students’ best practices when managing the relationship with this key person (s) to maximize research support, encouragement, job placement, ongoing collaboration, etc. Managing the relationship may also include building a supportive team when this relationship is weak or becomes strained.

Planning your day/organizing your time – chairs: Maíra Lopes, Isabela Morais, & Maja Golf Papež

The Ph.D. years differ in intensity and expectations. This session will focus on students’ best practices around juggling time to meet Ph.D. program milestones (e.g., required papers and/or exams, working on dissertation), publish, and manage self-care and other important commitments such as to family and friends. 

Planning your career for the first 5 years after the Ph.D. – chairs: Hanane Driouich, Alison Joubert, Laetitia Mimoun, & Lez Trujillo Torres

The Ph.D. years are foundational for what can be a long, rewarding career. This session will focus on students’ and new faculty’s best practices around tenure requirements (e.g., research, teaching, service), job market negotiations, and selecting a school or career that suits your short and long-term objectives.

For logistical purposes, it is essential that you register to the events using the following link:

PLEASE NOTE:  The events described here are organized by the Global CCT PhD Student Committee and not the University of Southern Denmark. Note also that the events are unrelated to the PhD seminar, Consumption Theory: A Canon of Classics, which will be held prior to the conference. You can read more about that seminar here