Practical Details

Reception at Odense City Hall

The welcome reception Thursday June 28th opens at 18:30 but please be there at 19:00 at the latest as there will be a welcome speech from the mayor’s office as well as the dean’s office, SDU.

Non-Gala Dinner, Storms Pakhus

The conference dinner will take place at Storms Pakhus, Odense’s new street food market. Those who registered for the dinner will receive a credit-card type voucher when they register. Make sure to bring this card with you to the venue as you will need it to pay for food and drinks at the various food stalls.

Poetry Event, Teater Momentum

Those who registered for the poetry event will receive a printed entry ticket with their registration. Please bring the ticket to the venue for access to the poetry event.

Poster Session

It is possible to put up your poster on Thursday June 28th from 14:00 to 18:00 and Friday June 29th between 8:00 and 9:00. The poster session will take place backstage in the plenary room.

Every conference attendee will receive a ticket for 1 free drink which can be used at the drink bar during the poster session. There will also be complimentary snacks. Drinks and snacks are generously sponsored by the Department of Marketing & Management at SDU.

Information for Session Presenters

A laptop will be available in all conference rooms. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick and upload the presentation to the computer 10 minutes before the session begins.

The following people have kindly agreed to chair the competitive  session:

Digitality and technology in consumer culture
Session Chair: Gry H. Knudsen

Glocal non-western identities
Session Chair: James Cronin

Spirituality, pilgrimage and salvation in the marketplace
Session Chair: Bernard Cova

Ethics and sustainability in Consumer Culture Theory
Session Chair: Dominique Roux

Consumer Culture Fairy Tales: Contradictions, Distortion & Paratextuality … and Brown on Andersen
Session Chair: Chris Hackley

Marketplace narratives and representation
Session Chair: Eric Arnould

Constructed marketspaces and market relations
Session Chair: Julie Emontspool

Self-making and immortality
Session Chair: Thomas Derek Robinson

Constructing and representing the past: nostalgia and retro-consumption
Session Chair: Karen Fernandez

Disabled, old, fat and alone: Stigma and consumption
Session Chair: Samantha Cross

Of art and magic
Session Chair: Delphine Dion

Materiality and agentic objects of consumption
Session Chair: Luciana Walther

Change and emergence in/through fashion
Session Chair: Ozlem Sandikci

Consuming bodies: sensing, dispossessing, powering and erupting
Session Chair: Jack Tillotson

Ideology, power and passion
Session Chair: James Cronin