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Consumer Culture Theory Conference 2018

Welcome to Odense

The 2018 CCT Conference is upon us! Please follow this link to find a few practical details (incl. info on social events, presentation instructions, session chairs, etc.).

At the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), we are excited to welcome the CCT community to Odense in 2018. A 1000-year old historical city with all the comforts of a modern cosmopolitan life, Odense is the ideal place for a conference a little out of the ordinary.

Conference Theme: Consumer Culture Fairytales

Odense is known for its fabled history. Even by name, Odense is linked to legends of old, since it means the sanctuary of Odin, a central figure in Norse mythology. In modern times the city may be most famous as the birthplace of H. C. Andersen, author of an iconic volume of folk tales that continues to resonate to this day. With this legacy in mind, the conference theme for 2018 can of course be none other than consumer culture fairytales.

Although often associated with disneyfied narratives of happy endings, many fairytales are rooted in ancient legends that evoke both wonder and terror, as they address the complexities of morality, humanity and knowledge. Andersen's work being no exception, for this year's conference we invite you to explore the tensions and ambiguities in fairytales of consumer culture. Read more about the conference theme...

Conference Details 

Date: 28 June - 1 July 2018
Host: University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Conference Co-Chairs: Dannie Kjeldgaard and Domen Bajde, University of Southern Denmark
Location: ODEON, Odeons Kvarter 1, 5000 Odense C, Denmark

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