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Judy Hermansen talks about climate and consumerism in this article.
Read the article here.


Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen was interviewed regarding young influencers and their lack of education.
Read the article here.


Associate Professor Ulrik Wagner was interviewed to the Norwegian website, Journalisten, regarding the doping case. NB. The article is in Norwegian.
Read the article here.

Part time professor Max von Zedtwitz discusses research innovation.
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Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen was interviewed about the failing sale of merchandise.
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Professor Søren Askegaard was interviewed to an article about the consumption of fastfood.
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Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen discusses the influence of influencers on cooperations market share.
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Network leader Judy Hermansen discusses branding as an interpretation tool in this feature.
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Professor Tage Koed Madsen made a presentation in Industriens Fond regarding the work with internationalization strategies.
Read about it here.

Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen talks about the signal the new Volvo commercial sends.
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Professor Søren Askegaard talks about common lunches with our coworkers act like a breathing space in our everyday.
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Professor WSR Patricia Wolf talks about women and diversity in this Swiss newspaper.
Read the article here.
NB. The article is in German.


Associate Professor Ulrik Wagner discusses the effect of physical exercise in the work environment in this feature, on page 51-52.
Read the feature here.

Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen was interviewed to this article which focuses on the rising growth of influencers.
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Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen criticizes the bank portal, Intelligent Banker, for its problematic marketing methods.
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Professor WSR Domen Bajde talks about Liquid Retail in the France newspaper Quest France. Nb. The article is written in french.
Read the article here.


Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen participated in DR Deadline where she discussed the new Gillette advertisement.
Watch the feature here.


Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen was interviewed by DR, where she comments on the new Gillette advertisement.
Read the article here.


Network manager Judy Hermansen gives her opinion on Aesop as a beauty brand.
Read the feature article here.


Associate Professor Gry Høngsmark Knudsen debates the commercial commercial power of influencers in Market Community.
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Professor Søren Askegaard gives three tips on DR.DK, on how to buy the perfect christmas gift.
Read the article here.



Postdoc Margit Anne Petersen discusses performance and performance promotion in the program "Velkommen til Fremtiden"
Watch the interview here.


Professor Mette Præst Knudsen and Postdoc Helle Aarøe Nissen has published a feature article about innovation research in Børsen.
Read more here.

Professor Søren Askegaard is interviewed on Black Friday. ATT. The article is in german.
Read the article here.


Professor Dannie Kjeldgaard was interviewed in the TV2 Fyn news about the rebranding of the clothing company, Kansas.
Watch the interview here.


Professor Mette Præst Knudsen focuses on the increased amount of drones in the Danish labour market and Denmark's position as one of the leading countries within the drone industry.
Read the article here.



Associate Professor and Head of Research Unit Martin Hannibal Knudsen has written a feature article, where he debates the use of 3D-printing.
Read the article here.



Professor Thorbjørn Knudsen and associate professor Davide Marchiori has written an article in Scientific Reports. The article 
surrounds the topic of Hierarchical decision-making.
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Professor Søren Askegaard talks about management regarding the Ilse Jacobsen case.
Read the article here.

Associate Professor Wolfgang Gerstlberger has published an article regarding the factors that characterizes Sustainable Behavior of Defense Forces.
Read the summery of the article here.

Postdoc Marie Kolling was interviewed on the 8th of October to Deadline and DR2 Dagen about why the Brazilians are choosing an antidemocratic candidate from the extreme rightwing.
Watch the interview from DR2 Dagen here, and Deadline here.

Professor Søren Askegaard debates the registration tax on electric cars in this article from the 25th of September.
Read the article here.

Professor Mette Præst Knudsen, Professor WSR René Chester Goduscheit and postdoc Helle Aarøe Nissen discuss in this article from the 25th of September the solution to the innovation barriers.
Read the article here.

Postdoc Marie Kolling was interviewed in DR2 Dagen about the upcoming Brazilian election, where the most popular candidate withdrew from the race.
Watch the interview here.

Postdoc Marie Kolling was interviewed in Tv2 Nyhederne about the upcoming Brazilian election, where one of the candidates were attacked with a knife.
Read the article

Postdoc Margit Anne Petersen was interviewed the 3th of September by Vice Magazine. In the interview, different employees from different universities was discussed the use of ‘Study drugs’.
Read the article here.

Professor WSR René Chester Goduscheit has written an article, which focuses on management in a digital organization.
Read the article here.

Dominique Bouchet is interviewed  in Kristeligt Dagblad on the problem with the rising number of car burnings in Sweden and Denmark.
Read the article here

Gry Høngsmark Knudsen gives her view on the commercialization of Pride Copenhagen.
Read the article here.

Dannie Kjeldgaard participates in DR  tv-news with focus on Danish border trade. Dannie Kjeldgaard points out that it is a ritual for the Danes which they associate with fun and family time. 
Watch the interview here or read the article here

"Offentlighedens oplevelse af privatliv skal på dagsordenen, før dronernes potentiale kan udnyttes i tilstrækkelig grad", writes Jannek K. Sommer and Domen Bajde in a chronicle in 'Fyens Stiftstidende'.
Read the whole chronicle here

In collaboration with Tove Brink, Erik Stavnsager Rasmussen from IMM have a project, investigating how strategic networks between companies that complement each other and add value to each other can help to create innovation and develop new business models in a sector. - Nyborg Harbor is the specific framework for the project - but experience and results from the project are highly relevant for Danish ports and port-related companies in general.
Watch 3 x video-podcasts about the project at

Gry Høngsmark Knudsen has written the article: "Hvordan er Amazon blevet så gigantisk?", with focus on data usage. (Create a free user
here to access the entire article).
Read the article here

Tage Koed Madsen is cited in the article "Fynske Medier laver om: Tidligere chefredaktør på vej mod stor formandspost". 
As chairman of the 'Fynske Bladfond' he is Fynske Media's largest owner.
Read the full article here

Søren Askegaard participates in P1 Orientering with focus on young smokers in Denmark."The number of young smokers in Denmark is far too high - and it is rising. This was also the case in Norway five years ago, but now the Norwegians have turned the basket. Should we inspire and increase the price of cigarettes?"
Listen to the podcast

Domen Bajde contributes the article on DR News "Undskyld har du et øjeblik? Det er forår, facerne kommer på gaden for at hverve dig" with focus on facing in Denmark.
Read the article here

IMM is mentioned in an article, under press and news, in DANSK ERHVERV: "Ny rapport undersøger offentlighedens reaktioner på droner i bolig- og offentlige områder". With focus on the public reactions to drones. 
Read the article here

Jesper Strandskov comments in the article "Bestyrelsen på skolebænken  hos SDU", in Fyens Stiftstidende", focusing on how a good board can create more value for the company.
Read the article here

Mette Præst Knudsen has participated in the broadcast 'Bissen og Bossen' last night on TV2 about 'Kverneland' and industrial workplaces in Funen.
Watch the broadcast here

Tina Lundø Tranekjer, Mette Præst Knudsen and Ian Stampe have written the article in the magazine, 'Effektivitet': "Innovation i det danske transporterhverv: Behovet for innovative kompetencer og uddannelse".
Read the full article here

Søren Askegaard comments on the article "Har vi overhovedet lært noget af den danske burgerkrig?" on the website 'Munchies' that deals with food culture.
Read the Danish article here

Dominique Bouchet participates in TV2 Fyns 'Bissen & Bossen' about the Ewii utility company. The themes are the Group's future sponsorship policy, new strategy, change process and image-processing.
Watch the broadcast here

Tage Koed Madsen participates in MEDIAWATCH in the article: "Jysk Fynske-ejer tager soloskridt i jagt på ny forretning: Vi gør det, fordi vi kan"
Read the article here 

Tage Koed Madsen is in the newspaper 'Fyens Stiftstidende': 'Den Fynske Bladfond', which owns 'Fyens Stifstidende A/S, wants to invest some of the fund's cash worth DK 150 million in projects that can create a brighter future for 'Jysk Fynske Medier', but first it applies to the 'Fyns' share. The chairman of the fund, Professor Tage Koed Madsen, explains the background for releasing money to the newly established company FST Invest ApS.
Read the article in 'Fyens Stiftstidende' here

Dannie Kjeldgaard participates in a radio broadcast regarding the government's proposal to reduce a number of charges that affect the border trade and which effect it will have on the Danes shopping habits.
Read more about the broadcast here 

Anna Schneider-Kamp has participated in a live debate on News & Co on TV2 News as an expert in a panel debate about self-diagnosis with particular focus on the Danes diagnosing themselves.
The broadcast from this year is not available, but see last year's broadcast here

Søren Askegaard participates in 'DR P4 Fyn' talking about the branding effect of giving Vollsmose a new name, Monday February 5th at 17.15
Listen to the radiofeature here (2:14:39)

Gry Høngsmark Knudsen participates in the program 'Bissen & Bossen' on TV2 Fyn with the theme: "Ikea in the top of the furniture industry"
See the full broadcast here

Domen Bajde & Jannek K. Sommer appears in several news papers when they test people's reactions to drones  
Read the article in 'Ingeniøren': "Studie: Lavtflyvende droner gør folk utrygge"

Dannie Kjeldgaard talks about branding and diversity in connection with Ikea. See the broadcast and article here

Marie Kolling  participated in 'DR2 Dagen' to comment on the lawsuit against Brazil's former president and the presidential campaign
See the full broadcast here

Dannie Kjeldgaard participates in a podcast in the Nordic Branding series in the episode 'Reflections 1'
Listen to the podcast on iTunes

Jeanette Lemmergaard as member of the Danish HR Think Tank writes about the influence of gossip in organizations.
Read the article from December 2017 on page 52-55 here

Anna Schneider-Kamp has written the article "Ph.d.-studerende: Forbrugerpatienten udfordrer sundhedssystemet"
Read the article here

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