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A post-foundational approach to Talent Management – towards contextual emphasis

Following more than two decades of increased and widespread interest in the HRM discipline Talent Management (TM), and a general increase in TM studies, concrete empirical knowledge on the practice of TM remains a topic inadequately discussed. While the prevailing part of the current research has been conceptual, my research sets out to explore the construct of talent in a new way. With a shift towards contextual emphasis, the project offers a
perspective sensitive to complex empirical realities – also known as our work life.

By drawing on a post-foundational approach to the understanding of TM practices, several methods such as semi-structured interview and participant observation is used to ensure depth and variation in the data. Through the acknowledgement of talent as something ontologically different, the reason d ’être of the project is it’s applicability in revealing the processes that create talents in today’s world of work. By doing so, I expect to bridge the current gap in academia and provide practitioners with vision and direction on the matter of TM.
Sidsel Meldgaard Hove

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Last Updated 17.09.2021