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Advisory Board

 Klaus Høyer is Professor at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. His work revolves around the organization and regulation of the healthcare system, in particular with respect to the introduction of new medical technologies. His area of expertise is ethics as a form of regulation in relation to human bodily materials and health data. Klaus’ involvement in the project ensures a continuous engagement with relevant Science and Technology Studies circles.

Domen Bajde is Professor WSR at the Department of Marketing & Management at the University of Southern Denmark. His research focusses on market transformation, particularly from perspectives of cultural theory and actor-network theory, specializing in issues pertaining to the moral economy and moralized markets and technology consumption.

Linda Hogle, Professor of Medical History and Bioethics at University of Wisconsin. Her work explores ethical, socio-cultural, and political issues in relation to emerging technologies, such as stem cell and tissue engineering policy and biomedical engineering, as well as transnational issues in relation to the governance of such novel technologies.

Inge Kryger Pedersen is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen. Her research concentrates on health-related issues concerning forms of knowledge and practice within medical technologies, with a special interest in how actors and professionals seek to optimize different forms of bodily practice and expertise.

Minna Ruckenstein works as an Associate Professor at the Consumer Society Research Centre and the Helsinki Center for Digital Humanities, University of Helsinki. Her current research focuses on aspects of datafication and explorations in the Citizen Mindscapes open-data initiative.

Jakob Demant is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology. His field of research is the social context of alcohol and drug use from the perspectives of youth research, criminology, space and urban studies, and cultural sociology. He has recently expanded his field to examine digital drug markets and other aspects of mediated youth practices.

Henriette Langstrup is Associate Professor at The Section for Health Service Research, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. Her work is centered on the social and organizational implications of technologies, and arrangements aiming to improve clinical work and treatment through patient-involvement and self-care

Last Updated 30.11.2018