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Christiansen, Thomas Blomseth, Dorthe Brogård Kristensen & Jakob Eg Larsen The 1-Person Laboratory of the Quantified Self Community. Book chapter, book springer.

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Presentations at conferences:

2018, October 11-14  

 “Optimization  in Qs and beyond”. Agnieszka Krzeminska & Dorthe Brogård Kristensen. ACR conference, Dallas

2018, October 11-14

 “Seeing the self with data”. Agnieszka Krzeminska & Dorthe Brogård Kristensen. ACR conference, Dallas

2018, August 14-17

Friction & enchantment: On doubt as an affective agent and the authority of spiritual facilitators. Aja Smith, EASA conference, Stockholm.

2018, August 14-17

 Emergent technologies and the Potential Self. Margit Anne Petersen, Aja Smith & Dorthe Brogård Kristensen EASA conference, Stockholm.

2018, July 25-28   

Seeing the Self through data. Dorthe Brogård Kristensen Session, Easst conference Lancaster.

2017, Nov 8-10  

 Potential selves. Ethnographies of technologies of optimization and values for the future. Margit Anne Petersen & Dorthe Brogård Kristensen: Conference Monitoring the self, Helsinki.

2017 Aug 23-25   

 Markets for prescription stimulants: Doctors, dealers and daily peers. Margit Anne Petersen. Contemporary Drug Problems conference, Helsinki.



Klaus Høyer Høyer, Professor at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

Inge Kryger Pedersen is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen.

Linda Hogle, Professor of Medical History and Bioethics at University of Wisconsin

Jakob Demant, Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen.

Henriette Langstrup, Associate Professor in the Section for Health Service Research, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.

Minna Ruckenstein, principal investigator, Consumer Society Research Centre, Helsinki.


Last Updated 30.11.2018