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18-01-2018: Phase II Report Out!

The report covering the results of the second phase of our 'General public's privacy concerns' project is now out.  In contrast to our first report, where we explored the public's concerns through focus group interviews, the second report is based on people actual experiencing drone flights, both in public and private settings.

Read about how people felt in the presence of drones in the report or check out this article to read project leader Domen Bajde's and PhD student Jannek Sommer's comments on the results.

10-11-2017: Helsinki High Level Conference on Drones 2017

Domen Bajde, head of the research program, will give a presentation at the High Level Conference on Drones 2017 in Helsinki, Finland, November 21-22. The purpose of the conference is to advance the discussions on what the regulatory framework for drone use should look like in the future.

At the conference, Domen Bajde will present the latest findings from the research project 'General public’s privacy concerns regarding drone use in private residential and public space' and give policy-makers from all over Europe a look into the Danish public's privacy concerns in relation to drones. Check out the full program at: can also have a look at Domen's presentation (PPT).

Last Updated 19.01.2018