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The digital data processing: Building operational insights for product development and organizational learning.

SDU partners involved in the project: Anette Grønning (Media Science) and Arthur Zimek (IMADA)

Objectives of the projects:
Aim 1: Provide insight on how to retrieve digital platform data on consumer behavior and user experience for product innovation and organizational learning.
Aim 2: Establish ethical guidelines for retrieving, managing, and using digital consumer data
Aim 3: Demonstrate operationalization of digital analyses for a business context.

Description of the product:
The core issue this project addresses is how to develop insights from digital data in an ethically responsible way. More and more policy-makers and business are aware of the storage of digital data, however, that lack the sufficient knowledge, methods and skills to use these data for building operational insight. This project argues that combining methods from the social sciences, humanities, and data processing, we can build knowledge and skills in an ethical way, which ultimately will create value for business and SDU combined.
The research questions that this project aims are:

  1. How to extract and analyze data from digital (business) platforms?
  2. How to ethically manage digital datasets?
  3. How to operationalize the insights build from digital data
Gry Høngsmark Knudsen

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Anette Grønning

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Arthur Zimek

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Last Updated 15.03.2018