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Our research aim is therefore to analyse the role of HRM and cross-cultural competencies for the integration of international migrants.
For this purpose, we are currently involved in two related research projects:
First, to test the the influence that HRM practices and cross-cultural competencies assert on integration success of refugees and migrants (no matter of their educational background), we have designed a quantitative survey and have just finalized the data collection for our pilot study in Germany. Further countries may follow.
We will shortly publish first descriptive statistics and prelimiary findings for Germany on this website.
For further information on the project please click here or contact: Prof. Dr. Sven Hauff ( and Prof. Dr. Nicole F. Richter (


Second, we are part of a bigger research group from different countries who aim to gather information about the situation of skilled immigrant employees in different countries, and to formulate recommendations on a societal and management level.
For this project, too, we have just finalized a huge collection of empirical data in various countries and are in the process of creating a cross-national dataset to kick-off the analyses.

The project lead is with the University of Vienna. Yet, if you are interested in learning more about the project, please contact: Prof. Dr. Nicole F. Richter ( who is among the country co-investigators.

Last Updated 13.02.2020