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 December 2019

 Seminar "Intercultural Competence Course Design and Assessment“

Invited experts:
Nadine Binder PhD (InterCultur, Hamburg, Germany)

 University of Southern Denmark, Odense (Denmark)

 August 2019


Professional Development Workshop on "Cultural Intelligence: Capabilities in Crossing Cultures & Working in Diverse, Inclusive Teams“

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 Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston (USA)

 June 2019

 2019 X-culture Research Xackathon *Please implement a link to a subpage with further infos.

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 University of Southern Denmark, Odense (Denmark)

 August, 9,


  Workshop ‘Perspectives on Intercultural competence’ 

This workshop explored different perspectives on intercultural competence through presentations by Julie Emontspool (marketing/consumer behavior) and Marian van Bakel (HR/communication). The workshop further featured a presentation on a bibliometric analysis of cultural intelligence by Nooria Yari and Erik Lankut (University of Agdar)


University of Southern Denmark


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