Centre for Integrative Innovation Management

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
René Chester Goduscheit Professor WSR 65507515 
Mette Præst Knudsen Professor, Head of Centre 65507455 
Frank Brandt Kristensen Part-time Lecturer 65507454 
Ian Stampe Teaching Associate Professor 65501230 
Poul Erik Vesterløkke Teaching Associate Professor 65504356 
Carl Vognæs Teaching Associate Professor 65507463 
Uwe Cantner Part time professor  
Kristina Vaarst Andersen Associate Professor  
Rita Faullant Associate Professor  
Wolfgang Gerstlberger Associate Professor 65507514 
Rasmus Koos Hartmann Associate Professor 65502886 
Edlira Shehu Associate Professor 65508941 
Tina Lundø Tranekjer Associate Professor 65509152 
Anders Dahl Krabbe Postdoc 65509334 
Helle Aarøe Nissen Postdoc 65501397 
Eva Riis Postdoc  
Melissa Goodsite Beach PhD Student 65509659 
Vella Somoza Sanchez PhD Student  65504628 
Otilia-Ana Vrincianu  Mouridsen Research Assistant  
Julie Toft Pedersen Research Assistant 65507181 


Department of Technology and Innovation (additional researchers affiliated with C*12M)

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Marianne Harbo Frederiksen Associate Professor 65509608 
Davide  Giacalone Associate Professor 65509629 
Reynir Smari  Atlason Assistant Professor 65509632 
Henrik Blichfeldt PhD Student  65507445 


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