Consumption Study Group profiles and interest areas

Dannie Kjeldgaard

Dannie Kjeldgaard is Professor and Head of the Consumption Studies group. Some of his current research projects are: cultural reflexivity and food culture in market-place glocalization (context: Greenlandic food culture), post-dyadic ludic agency in branding (context: release of X-mas beer in the Danish market, the value concept in marketing theory, and cooperative models of marketing (context: the regional micro-brew sector).

Søren Askegaard

Søren Askegaard (b. 1961) is professor of marketing at University of Southern Denmark in Odense. His research interests lie in the field of consumer culture theory. Current research projects include globalism and localisms in consumer culture, seduction as an institutional logic in the fashion market, lipophobia and the social construction of ‘fatness’, consumption of self-actualizing techniques and the social construction of health issues. He is currently an associate editor at the Journal of Consumer Research.

Dominique Bouchet

Dominique Bouchet was born in Paris where he was educated in business economics, international economics, sociology, town planning and Latin American Studies.

His main research interests cover social change and cultural differences, cross cultural communication, cross cultural management and social marketing. He also studies the cultural dimension as well as the epistemological and ideological foundation of the marketing and management disciplines. Among his research themes are brand, consumption, criminality, design, education, elderlies, food, integration, local development, media, prevention of crime, socialisation, tourism, town, transportation, urbanism, welfare technology, youth…

He teaches courses in cross-cultural marketing, cross-cultural communication, non-profit marketing, social marketing, semiotics, qualitative methods, management of change, sociology and social psychology, cultural analysis in relation to marketing and management, marketing and social change, advertising, strategic communication and applied semiotics.

Frequently featured in the media, columnist, polyglot, he is also a keynote speaker and consultant to many European firms for top level management/marketing decisions, and an invited speaker by many companies and organizations worldwide.

In 2007 Dr. Bouchet was awarded the “researcher’s prize” for “Transcending Research” by the Danish Union of Professors and Researchers.

Lars Pynt Andersen

Lars Pynt Andersen has a background from rhetoric and media studies, which may explain why he is interested in rhetorical and cultural approaches to advertising: irony, personification metaphor, experiential and multimodal aspects. He has also looked into how advertising is perceived by children and how the cultivation of a child consumer into a so-called “tween” is performed. And how parents consume vicariously through their children in very elaborate attempts to perform parenting and negotiate meaning, identity and status. This is preferably done by dressing the children with particular Nordic designer labels, and only one form of consuming ‘The Nordic’ that deserves more attention.

Matthias Bode

Matthias Bode is an Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing & Management at University of Southern Denmark. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Marketing and Consumption, Leibniz University Hanover. His research interests include sonic branding, soundscapes, history of marketing, and performative theories. He has published in Semiotica, Marketing ZFP, Journal of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Theory.

Dorthe Brogård Kristensen

Dorthe Brogård Kristensen is an assistant professor in the Department of Marketing and Management. She is an anthropologist with a M. Sc. from University College London and received her Ph.D. in Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen. She has worked with consumer, health, medical anthropology and indigenous people (Chile). Her current research focuses on the relationship between consumption, identity and community among Danish consumers.

Judy Hermansen

Judy Hermansen is a Ph.D. Student at the Department of Marketing & Management. Her research interests include branding, advertising, and aesthetics. Her academic background is semiotics, narratology and literary theory, and the approach is rooted in these perspectives from the humanities. But it also draws on her experience from more than 20 years as a practitioner in the advertising industry. In addition she is head of communication in an Innovation Network that is externally funded but hosted at the department with the purpose to implement knowledge and research from this and like-minded research groups in the industry. 


Julie Emontspool

Julie Emontspool is Assistant Professor at the Consumption Studies research unit of the marketing and Management Department at SDU. She obtained her PhD in Management Science at Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Belgium, while teaching in the Information and Communication Department of the same university. Her research focuses on issues of migration, globalization and cultural change in consumption behavior. In particular, her work concentrates on consumer acculturation and cosmopolitan consumers

Niklas Woermann

Niklas is an assistant professor at the Department of Marketing and Management at SDU, and associated researcher at the University of Constance. Convinced that consumption and marketing are more complex than any 2x2 matrix could ever be, Niklas aims to dig deep into their cultural and social foundations. Niklas holds degrees in both marketing and sociology and publishes on an international level in both fields. He draws on sociological theory, contemporary philosophy, and in-depth qualitative research to develop new angles on key current research topics:

• The impact of social media

• Innovation and market evolution

• Practice theory

• Neuromarketing

Jan Møller Jensen

Jan Møller Jensen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark from where I received my PhD in 1990.

He has taught theory of consumer behaviour, survey design and quantitative data analysis for several years and his research up to now also reflects his interest and skills in those disciplines.

His primary research interests lie in the field of Customer Loyalty, Online Consumer Behaviour and Tourism and most of his research is carried out using a quantitative approach with questionnaires as data collection instrument. As an expert in survey research he is frequently invited to contribute as consultant in designing and validating survey studies.

He is currently working on the following research projects:

• Tourists use of the Internet before, during and after the consumption of holiday tourism products
• Tourism and social media
• The role of personality traits in tourists’ choice of destination and travel type
• Customer loyalty on the grocery market during: the role of the financial crisis

Charlotte Wien

Charlotte Wien is an associate professor at the Department of Marketing & Management at University of Southern Denmark and she is also an adjunct professor of Journalism at University of Greenland. She obtained her ph.d. at University of Southern Denmark in 1998. Her current research interest is in Science Communication where she has specialized in the love-hate relationship between news media and the scientific community.

Gry Høngsmark Knudsen

Gry Hoeng Mark Knudsen, Assistant Professor, Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark. in History of Art and Gender, Communication and Culture from Aarhus University and Ph.D. In Marketing from the University of Southern Denmark.
Her research interests focus consumers and business communications on social media, gender in communication and consumption, big data and digital technologies, popular culture and gender, advertising and reception theory.

Jessica Andrea Chelekis

Jessica Andrea Chelekis is a cultural anthropologist specializing in economic anthropology, with a focus on gender, household economies, consumption practices in Brazilian Amazon. Her dissertation research focused on how gender roles and intra-household decision-making are linked to women working in direct sales in rural Amazonia, a region in which women have few options for earning their own personal income. She is currently pursuing two new lines of research: Latin American consumer culture, and the social/cultural context of addictive consumption. She is also co-editor of the new Altamira Press book series, Anthropology of Daily Life.

Kira Strandby

Kira Strandby is a PhD student in the Consumption Studies research unit of University of Southern Denmark. Her research project focuses on the consumption of the Internet in Uganda and the effects of the internet on Ugandan consumer ideologies and marketplace cultures. Furthermore, she teaches Consumer Behaviour at Department of Marketing and Management.  

Aja Smith

Aja Smith is a Ph.D. student at the Consumption Studies Research Unit at the Department of Marketing and Management at SDU. She graduated from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen in 2009 and since taught at departments of anthropology in both Australia and Denmark. She is specialised in business anthropology and methodology, and her current research explores the role of relations in services that employ interspecies engagements to transform consumers both professionally and privately. The aim is to examine the relationship between such services and conceptions of self, of nature and of the 'leader' in contemporary Denmark. The emerging consumption phenomenon horse assisted leadership training will be the prism of the study.

Stine Bjerregaard

Stine Bjerregaard is Research Assistant at the Marketing & Management Department at SDU where she is part of the Consumption Studies Group and currently teaches two courses on qualitative methods.

Her research interests pertain to the interface between consumer culture and perceived brand legitimacy, - a perspective first explored in connection with her master’s thesis on Danish consumers’ ambivalent and conflicted relationships with the American sports brand Nike and currently reviewed in relation to a new research project on “the Nordic welfare brand” in the Chinese market for elder care.

Stine obtained her MSc in Marketing Communications Management from Copenhagen Business School and has previously worked as a project manager and consultant in the Danish fashion business. 

Anna Scheider-Kamp:

Anna Scheider-Kamp is Postdoc at the Department of Marketing & Management at University of Southern Denmark where she is part of the Consumption Studies Group.

Her educational background is cand.polit.& cand.merc.

Her research interests include medical anthropology and consumption behavior, with a focus on health-related practices and resources, both from theoretical and practical perspectives. Her studies are primary based on ethnographic research methods.

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