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The unit is involved in teaching in a number of programmes across several faculties. However, the group serves as an anchor for several successful educational programmes that are founded in the unit’s research profile: three dedicated M.Sc profiles that are internationally in demand – “Brand Management and Market Communication”, and “Global Marketing and Consumer Culture” and “Market Anthropology”.  The group is host to a recently developed, highly successful programme in “Market and Management Anthropology”. Furthermore, the unit is developing a B.Sc, Business Economics (HA) profile in Marketing and Brand Management based on the group’s research competencies.

At the doctoral level, the group is an anchor for the European Doctoral Consortium in Consumer Culture Theorizing and hosts a highly successful international PhD course every second year, “Consumption Theory: a Canon of Classics”.



The Department of Marketing and Management offers subjects within the entire research area of the department.


Last Updated 16.01.2018