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Are you fascinated about consumer culture and research?

For the curious and ambitious

The CCC Graduate Hub is an assembly for inquisitive students interested in advanced consumer research.

The hub’s main aim is to organize research oriented activities and events that focus on interpretive consumer research, i.e. research that studies consumption from a socio-cultural perspective, for example studying the life-worlds of consumers or the historical patterning of current consumption practices.

Activities and milieu

The Graduate Hub is typically invited to select faculty events, such as guest lectures, to special research colloquiums, and to social events with faculty members.

The research-centered milieu is meant to encourage and help students with feedback on presentations and research projects, and functions as a possible springboard for publishing in academic outlets together with faculty members.

The Graduate Hub is also often used as a recruitment base from which students are recruited to assist on ongoing research projects, providing an opportunity for experiencing first-hand how consumption research is really done.

How to apply

To apply for the Graduate Hub send an email to research assistant Konstantinos Lianidis. The application must include your study profile and current semester, and a short motivation on why you are interested in joining the hub.

Last Updated 23.11.2020