Strategic Organisation Design

Oliver Baumann,
Head of Research Unit, Professor WSR

Contact information:
/6550 4433
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Areas of research: Organization design and strategic management
Specialty: Organizing for innovation and adaptation, Organizational search and learning, Firms as complex adaptive systems, Computational models

Main Publications:

  • Oliver Baumann. 2015. “Distributed Problem Solving in Modular Systems: The Benefit of Temporary Coordination Neglect.” Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 32, 1, 124-136.
  • Oliver Baumann and Nils Stieglitz. 2014. “Rewarding Value-Creating Ideas in Organizations: The Power of Low-Powered Incentives.” Strategic Management Journal, 35, 3, 358-375.
  • Oliver Baumann and Nicolaj Siggelkow. 2013. “Dealing with Complexity: Chunky vs. Incremental Search Processes.” Organization Science, 24, 1, 116-132.

Boards, Networks etc.:

  • Editorial review board, Organization Science
  • International advisory board, Schmalenbach Business Review

Thorbjørn Knudsen, Professor

/6550 3148
Web: CV & publications


Area of research: Organization science, Strategy
Specialty: his research centers around evolutionary and adaptive processes in organizations and the way organization design can shape these processes. He is widely recognized for advancing theory on organizational design and adaptive processes through formal modeling and experimental methods, including the information-theoretic perspective on organizational decision-making.

Main publications:

  • Knudsen, Thorbjørn (2014), with Daniel A. Levinthal and Sidney G. Winter, “Hidden but in Plain Sight: The Role of Scale Adjustment in Industry Dynamics”, Strategic Management Journal, 35(11): 1569–1584.
  • Knudsen, Thorbjørn (2014), with Kannan Srikanth, “Coordinated Exploration: Organizing Joint Search by Multiple Specialists to Overcome Mutual Confusion and Joint Myopia”, Administrative Science Quarterly, 59(3): 409-441.
  • Knudsen, Thorbjørn (2010) with Michael Christensen, "Design of Decision Making Organizations", Management Science, 56(1): 71-89. 

Boards, Network etc.: 

  • Co-director Danish Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS), SDU.
  • Senior Editor: Organization Science.
  • Past or present editorial board member: Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Strategy Science.
  • Active international network and ongoing collaborative interactions with academic researchers at INSEAD, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, University of Venice, University of Warwick, the Wharton School and elsewhere.

Markus Becker,  Professor

Contact information:
/6550 3316
Web: CV & publications

Areas of research: Organization design, strategic management, organizational adaptation and learning
Specialty: Organizational routines and their role in organizational adaptation

Main publications:

  • Yi, Sangyoon, Thorbjørn Knudsen and Markus C. Becker (2016): Inertia in Routines: A Hidden Source of Organizational Variation. Organization Science, Vol. 27, No. 3, 782-800
  • Stieglitz, Nils, Thorbjørn Knudsen and Markus C. Becker (2016): Adaptation and Inertia in Dynamic Environments. Strategic Management Journal, 37(9): 1854-1864
  • Pentland, Brian T., Martha S. Feldman, Markus C. Becker and Peng Liu (2012): Dynamics of Organizational Routines: A Generative Model. Journal of Management Studies. Vol. 49, No. 8, 1484-1508
  • Becker, Markus C., Nathalie Lazaric, Richard R. Nelson and Sidney G. Winter (2005): Applying Organizational Routines in Understanding Organizational Change. Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol. 14, No. 5, 775-791
  • Becker, Markus C. (2004): Organizational routines: A review of the literature. Industrial and Corporate Change. Vol. 13, No. 4, 643-678

Boards, Networks etc.:

  • Editorial review board, Organization Science

Stephan Billinger,  Professor WSR

Contact information:
/6550 3187
Web: CV & publications

Areas of research: Strategic Management, Organization Theory

Specialty: Empirical research (experiments and field studies) concerning strategic mechanisms of organization design, including hierarchy and goal structures, delegation and decision-making, the formation and incentivization of individual and group-based search, as well as how the role of social norms within the above.

 Main Publications:

  • Dobrajska, M., Billinger, S., Karim, S. 2015. Delegation within hierarchies: How information processing and knowledge characteristics influence the allocation of formal and real decision authority. Organization Science, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp. 687-704

  • Billinger, S., Stieglitz, N., Schumacher, T. 2014. Search on a Rugged Landscape: An experimental study. Organization Science, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 93-108

  • Jacobides, Michael G., Billinger, Stephan. 2006. Designing the Boundaries of the Firm: From “Make, Buy or Ally” to the Dynamic Benefits of Vertical Architecture. Organization Science, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp.249-261

Boards, Networks etc.:

  • Academy of Management
  • Organization Design Community

Karsten Boye Rasmussen,  Associate Professor   

Contact information:
/6550 2115 /6011 2115
WebCV & publications

Areas of research: IT og organisation
Specialty: Business intelligence, virtuel organisation, metadata, databeskrivelse, brugen af data, data warehouse, data kvalitet, adfærd, Internet, data mining, e-business, nonresponse

Current projects:

  • E-business for virksomheds- og samarbejdsnetværk
  • Anvendelsen af it og samarbejde i små og mellemstore virksomheder
  • Data mining i danske virksomheder

Michael Christenssen,  Associate Professor

Contact information:
/6550 3278
Web: CV & publications

Areas of research: Krydsfeltet mellem organisation og strategi
Specialty: Pålidelig beslutningstagning i organisationer

Current projects:

  • Laboratorie-eksperimenter på fælles beslutningstagning
  • Evaluering og læring hos individ og i organisation
  • Screening, informationsteori og plasticitet af organisationer
  • Organisationel økologi og ”coopetition”

Davide Marchiori,  Associate Professor

Contact information:
/6550 3694
Web: CV & publications

Areas of research: Organizational learning and decision-making; Individual judgment and decision-making
Specialty: Learning and generalization, both at the individual and firm level

Current projects:

  • Learning in hierarchical organizations
  • Choice behavior in individual decisions from experience and from description
  • Individual judgment
  • Sensitivity to rare events

Jacob Lyngsie, Associate Professor

Contact information: 
Web: CV & publications 

Areas of research: Organizational economics, Entrepreneurship (strategic entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship theory), Applied Econometrics
Specialty: Focuses on the interaction between human capital and organizational design using an applied econometric approach

Main Publications:

  • “The More, the Merrier? Women in Top-Management Teams and Entrepreneurship in Established Firms”, Strategic Management Journal, 2016.  With Nicolai J. Foss.  
  • “Wise Choices: How Thoroughness of Opportunity Appraisal, Incentives, and Performance Evaluation Fit Together”, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2015. With Stefan Linder, Nicolai J. Foss & Shaker A. Zahra.  
  • “Organizational design correlates of entrepreneurship: The roles of decentralization and formalization for opportunity discovery and realization”, Strategic Organization, 2015. With Nicolai J. Foss & Shaker A. Zahra.  
  • “The strategic organization of the entrepreneurial established firm”, Strategic Organization, 2014. With Nicolai J. Foss. 
  • “The Role of External Knowledge Sources and Organizational Design In the Process of Opportunity Exploitation”, Strategic Management Journal, 2013. With Nicolai J. Foss & Shaker A. Zahra


Pantelis Pipergias Analytis, Assistant Professor

Contact information:
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Kevin Du, Assistant Professor

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Timo Ehrig, Postdoc

Contact information:
/6550 4377
Web:  CV & publikations

Area of research: The primary research goal is to bring realistic assumptions about knowledge, emotion and belief into models of human interaction. One key insight driving strategy science is that knowledge is incomplete and evolves, that we proactively shape the world in generative thought. He takes this insight seriously and incorporates it in new formal decision models, and novel game theoretical models of interaction and competition. His theoretical model will be tested using human subjects in laboratory experiments.

For instance, Timo strives to find a new, experimentally founded notion of expectations. Going beyond the mere understanding of expectations as first moments of probability distributions, he incorporates elements such as emotions, beliefs about actions of others, into a generalized model of economic expectations. Another key aspect of his work is to understand coordination in large human systems - e.g. how we coordinate on good or bad outcomes in resolving a financial crisis.

Ulrik William Nash,  Postdoc

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Individual and collective judgments of magnitudes.
Specialty: Wisdom of the crowds

Current projects:

  • The emergence of routines in large groups.
  • Explaining patterns of profits among companies.
  • Identifying gifted forecasters through simple measures.


  • Nash UW. 2014. The curious anomaly of skewed judgment distributions and systematic error in the wisdom of crowds. PLoS ONE 9(11).
  • Nash UW. 2017. Sequential sampling, magnitude estimation, and the wisdom of crowds. Journal of Mathematical Psychology 77: 165–179.

Sabita Khadgi Sørensen, Industrial
PhD Student

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications


Dorina-Diana Verdes, PhD Student 

Contact information:
/6550 1965
CV & publications

Area of research: Innovation, search behavior and decision making

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