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Management of people

Management of people

Michael Brookes, Professor mso, Head of research group

Contact information: 1882
Web: CV & publikationsliste


Dominique Bouchet, Professor

Contact information: 3293
Web: CV & publications, website

Area of research: Marketing, forbrugeradfærd samt kommunikation

Specialty: Kulturelle forskelle og samfundsforandringer - og deres betydning for virksomheder og organisationer

Current projects:

  • En grundlæggende analyse af marketings begrebslige forankring
  • Tidssvarende interkulturel kommunikation
  • Marketing af integrationen
  • Indførelse af ny teknologi i ældresektoren

Steen Scheuer, Professor Emeritus

Contact information: / 6040 9110
Web: CV & publications


    Areas of research: Industrial Sociology, Neo-Institutionalist Organization Theory, Motivation Theory, Employment Relations, Collective Action
    Specialties: Labour market organizations, Impact of collective bargaining agreements, Atypical/Precarious employment, Strikes.

    Current projects:

    • Atypical employment in Denmark – the conditions of those who are in part-time employment, in temporary employment and who are self-employed
    • Member organizing and retention in labour market organizations.

    Søren Voxted, Associate Professor

    Contact information: / 65509107
    Web: CV & publications


    Marian Van Bakel, Associate Professor

    Contact information: / 6550 7598
    WebCV & publications

    Area of research: International Human Resource Management, Expatriate Management, Intercultural communication

    Specialty: My research focus is in international HRM and expatriate management, in particular expatriate-local interactions. I focus on the various benefits of contact with locals for expatriates, both within and outside the workplace, and on how expatriates can more easily get in touch with locals as this can be difficult in certain countries

    Main Publications: 

    • Van Bakel, M.S., Gerritsen, M. & Oudenhoven, J.P.L.M. (2016). The importance of relationship quality: Maximizing the impact of expatriate contact with a local host. Thunderbird International Business Review, 58 (1), 41-54 [BFI1]
    • Szkudlarek, B. & Van Bakel, M.S. (2014). International assignments for global leadership development. In Gehrke, B. & Claes, M-T. (Eds). Global Leadership Practices. A cross-cultural management perspective. Palgrave Publishing Ltd, p. 102-117 [BFI category 2].
    • Van Bakel, M. S., Gerritsen, M., & Van Oudenhoven, J.P. (2014). Impact of a local host on the intercultural competence of expatriates. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 25(14): 2050-2067 [BFI2].

    Boards, Networks etc.:

    • European Academy of Management
    • Families in Global Transition
    • Young Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research

    Elena Shulzhenko, Research Assistent

    Contact information: / 65504396
    Web: CV & publications


    Renata Mellupe, PhD Student

    Contact information: /6550 8644
    Web: CV & publications, LinkedIn

    Area of research: Organizational behavior and Human Resource Management

    Specialty: Work engagement, work motivation, job demands


    • Leaders facilitate work engagement: A study on frontline employees in a Danish retail bank
    • The Importance of Trust in HR Governance

    Sidsel Meldgaard Hove, PhD Student



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