International Business and Entrepreneurship

Martin Hannibal, Head of Research Unit,
Associate Professor

/65503387 /21770367
Web: CV & publications, LinkedIn

Area of research: International entrepreneurship, knowledge-intensive start-ups. 

Speciality: Decision-making during entrepreneurial processes, research-related new ventures (University spin-offs), additive manufacturing.

Current projects: 

  • How do international entrepreneurial opportunities  arise in knowledge-intensive industries and how are they exploited
  • The role of additive manufacturing in international entrepreneurship 
  • Entrepreneurial identities among students in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and USA (PACE) 
  • Investigations into the boundary between the entrepreneurship and consumption

Anna Lund Jepsen,
Vice Head of Education, Head of Studies,
Associate Professor

Contact information:
/65501511 /2116 2590
Web: CV & publications 

Area of research: International B2B markedsføring

Specialty: Køber-sælger relationer

Current projects:

  • Projekt om netværkskonsortier rettet mod det tyske marked med Dansk Industri

Tage Koed Madsen, Professor    

Contact information:
/65503242/6011 3242
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: His research areas comprise export performance studies, internationalization processes, and International New Ventures/Born Globals. 

Specialty: He has conducted several large scale empirical studies in addition to his theoretical contributions. His research has published in numerous books as well as articles in journals such as International Business Review, International Marketing Review, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Advances in International Marketing, and Scandinavian Journal of Management.

Main publications

  • Tage Koed Madsen: “Early and rapidly internationalizing ventures. Similarities and differences between classifications based on the original international new venture and born global literatures, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 11, 1, 2013, pp.65-79
  • Tage Koed Madsen, Øystein Moen and Randi Hammervold: “The Role of Independent Intermediaries. The Case of Small and Medium-Sized Exporters”, International Business Review, 21, 2012, pp. 535-546
  • Tage Koed Madsen and Per Servais: "The Internationalization of Born Globals - an Evolutionary Process?, International Business Review, Vol. 6, No. 6, 1997, pp. 561-583.

Boards, Networks, etc.

  • Chairman Den Fynske Bladfond
  • Member of VL51
  • Member of Beacon Group

Stephen Mark Rosenbaum, Head of Studies,
Associate Professor

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications 

Area of research: Experimental economics

Specialty: Experimental economics

Main Publications 

  • Rosenbaum, S.M., Billinger, S., Twerefou, D.T. & Isola, W.A. “Income inequality and cooperative propensities in developing countries: Summarizing the preliminary experimental evidence”. Forthcoming in International Journal of Social Economics.
  • Rosenbaum, S.M., Billinger, S. & Stieglitz, N. (2014). “Let´s be honest: A review of experimental evidence of honesty and truth-telling”. Journal of Economic Psychology 45, 181-196.
  • Rosenbaum, S.M., Billinger, S. & Stieglitz, N. (2013). “Private virtues, public vices: Social norms and corruption”. International Journal of Development Issues 12 (3), 192-212. 

Jesper Strandskov, Professor

Contact information:
/6550 2944 /6011 2944
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: International business og Strategiske ledelse

Current projects:

  • Projekt om forretningsmodeller og værdiskabelse
  • Projekt om danske virksomheders internationaliseringsforløb
  • Projekter om diverse erhvervshistoriske emner
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Gary Knight, Part Time Professor

Contact information:
CV & publications


Erik S. Rasmussen, Associate Professor

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Internationalisering af små og mellemstore virksomheder, entrepreneurship, markedsanalyse

Aktuelle projekter:

  • Undersøgelse af hvor virksomheder vælger at etablere sig
  • Betydningen af sproglige kompetencer i internationale relationer
  • Born Global og International New Ventures

Nicole Richter, Associate Professor

Contact information:
CV & publications 

Supervision: Open topics for theses

Area of research: International and strategic management with special emphasis on cross-cultural aspects.

Specialty: Antecedents of strategic success (e.g. performance of strategic alliances, performance implications of international diversity).
International job satisfaction (e.g. models, surveys, cross-cultural aspects).
Cultural values, and cultural competencies (e.g. cultural archetypes, cultural intelligence).
Quantitative research methodologies in international business (e.g. structural equation modelling, neural networks, panel regression).

Current Projects.:

  • Assess how to best organize global sourcing activities to become successful (see the preliminary results of our current research published as a working paper). 
  • Critically rethink the measurement of performance in designing IB-studies (see the pre-version of our article lately published in Critical Perspectives on International Business). 
  • Understand whether and how cultural intelligence impacts work-related outcomes (see our meta-analysis of which a short version will be published in the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings soon); in this regard, we invite researchers to contribute to our upcoming special issue on “The role of intercultural competence in European international management: Theory, measurement, antecedents, and outcomes” to be published in European Journal of International Management in 2018 (further information are in our call for papers).
  • Discover the ease and practicality of using structural equation modelling (SEM) to research into cause-effect models (e.g. on the determinants of customer loyalty, employee satisfaction) by using our (German) book on PLS-SEM. The book comes with a dataset and video tutorials (see our website, the publishers website offering further material, and our youtube-channel ).
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Gitte Ohrt Rosenbaum, Assistant Professor

Contact information: 65503911
CV & publications


Yi Wang, Assistant Professor

Contact information: / 65509268
CV & publications

Ulrik Bjørn Nielsen, PhD Student

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications 

Area of research: Emerging/frontier markets, bottom of the pyramid, partnerships/alliances & technology transfer
Specialty: International new ventures, partnerships/alliances & market development of robotics

Current projects:

  • Ph.D. Project Proposal: Business-to-Business Strategies in Frontier Markets of Sub-Saharan Africa

Luciana Albuquerque Alves,
PhD Student

Contact information:
CV & publications 

Area of research: International Business, International Entrepreneurship, Institutional theory, Software Sector

Specialty: International Business, International Entrepreneurship, Institutional theory, Software Sector

Current projects: Inertia and learning in networks: a study of the internationalization of the Brazilian Software Sector

Nathalie N. Larsen, PhD Student

Contact informations: 
/ 65504232
CV & publications

Specialty: International Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Current projects: PhD project on strategic decision-making in international sustainable entrepreneurship for the base of the pyramid

Henriette Leer Blindbæk, Research Assistant

Contact information: /65501737
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: International Business and entrepreneurship

Specialty: Internationalization strategies, Born globals, Strategic management, International Marketing

Current project:

  • Internationalization of breweries

Nooria Yari, Research Assistant

Contact information: /65501263
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: International Business and Strategic Management

Specialty: Cultural Intelligence and Cultural Competencies.


Current project:

  • CQ- Research landscape, A Bibliometric Citation Analysis, Antecedents to and outcomes of Cultural Intelligence.

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