Centre for Integrative Innovation Management (CI2M)


Mette Præst Knudsen,
Head of Research Centre, Professor

Contact information: mpk@sam.sdu.dk
/65507455 /27787455
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Area of research: Produktudvikling, innovationsledelse, åben innovation, kreativitet, outsourcing, strategiske alliancer og videndeling
Current projects:


Max von Zedwitz, Part Time Professor

Contact information: mvz@sam.sdu.dk
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Uwe Cantner, Part Time Professor

Contact information: uwca@sam.sdu.dk 
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Patricia Wolf, Professor WSR

Contact information: pawo@sam.sdu.dk
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Area of research: Innovation ecosystems, Community-based innovation, Organizational Development and Change, Future Studies


Anna Lund Jepsen, Associate Professor

Contact information: alj@sam.sdu.dk
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Area of research: Project Management

Specialty: Stakeholder Management

Current projects:

Tina Lundø Tranekjer, Head of studies, Associate Professor

Contact information: tina@sam.sdu.dk/65509152
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Area of research: Open innovation, New product development, Innovation strategies, failed innovation projects, challenges related to inter-organizational innovation, involvement of customers.

Current projects:

  • The Danish Transport Innovation Network, Denmark (www.tinv.dk)
  • Project on customer involvement in innovation projects.

Kristina Vaarst Andersen,
Associate Professor

Contact information: vaarst@sam.sdu.dk 
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Area of research: Innovation networks, Open innovation, Resource orchestration, Creativity, The fuzzy front end of innovation, Stigma, Status, and Star employees

Rita Faullant, Associate Professor

Contact information: ritaf@sam.sdu.dk
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Area of research: New product development, open innovation and crowdsourcing, business model innovation, organizational innovativeness

Current projects:

  • Innovate! new: Data collection and analysis of a benchmark study to identify the drivers of successful innovation
  • Raising innovativeness of organizations: Analysis of data from the European Manufacturing Survey to investigate the linkages between different types of innovation and the impact of digitalization on firm innovativeness

Ian Stampe, Teaching Associate Professor 

Contact information: ian@sam.sdu.dk /65501230
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Poul Erik Vesterløkke,
Teaching Associate Professor

Contact information: pve@sam.sdu.dk /65504356
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Carl Vognæs, Teaching Associate Professor

Contact information: cvo@sam.sdu.dk /65507463
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 Eva Riis, Assistant Professor

Contact information: evri@sam.sdu.dk /26371037
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Area of research: Governance of projects and innovation, managing innovation projects, project governance of major public projects

Current projekts:

  • Working on research related to governance of projects and innovation

Surabhi Verma, Assistant Professor

Contact information: suv@sam.sdu.dk
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Helle Aarøe Nissen, Postdoc

Contact information: hani@sam.sdu.dk
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Areas of research: Commercialization of innovations, business-to-business relationships, innovation management, public private innovation


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Stine Berg,  Research Assistant

Contact information: stibe@sam.sdu.dk / 65509701
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Melissa Goodsite Beach, PhD Student

Contact information: mgbeach@sam.sdu.dk
Web: CV & publications, Linked

Area of research: Innovation, digital technology tools as enablers of innovation, human-machine-networks in innovation processes

Current projects:

  • Working on Ph.D. project with the title "Hoping to go digital? Opportunities and pitfalls during the transition from adoption to use of digital innovation technologies" 


Vella Somoza Sanchez, PhD Student

Contact information: vella@sam.sdu.dk
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Area of research: How digital anthropology can be used as method for lead user identification


Tina Larsen, PhD Student

Contact information: tilar@sam.sdu.dk
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