Consumption, Culture and Commerce

Domen Bajde, Head of Research Unit, Professor WSR

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Web: CV & publications, LinkedIn

Area of research: Market transformation from perspectives of consumer culture theory and actor-network theory

Specialty: Moralized markets, Emergent technology markets

Current projects:

  • Cultural branding of the microfinance industry
  • Moralized markets: The case of consumer microfinance
  • Public image of drone technology


  • Assembling consumption: Researching actors, networks and markets
    Canniford, R. (ed.) & Bajde, D. (ed.) 2016 Oxon: Routledge. 202 p.
  • Consumer culture theory (re)visits actor-network theory: Flattening consumption studies
    Bajde, D. 1 Jun 2013 In : Marketing Theory. 13, 2, p. 227-242 16 p.
  • Marketized philanthropy: Kiva’s utopian ideology of entrepreneurial philanthropy
    Bajde, D. 2013 In : Marketing Theory. 13, 1, p. 3-18 16 p.

Dannie Kjeldgaard, Professor

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Web: CV & publications 

Area of research: Consumer Culture Theory , Marketing.

Specialty: Globalization/Glocalization, Food culture, Market formation, branding and Nordic Consumer culture / Greenland. 

Main publications:

  • Kjeldgaard D. and S. Askegaard (2006), “The Glocalization of Youth Culture: The Global Youth Segment as Structures of Common Difference”, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 22 (September), 231-247. Most impactful paper of 2006 in JCR’s 2016 electronic 40 year’s curation.
  • Karababa, Eminegul and Dannie Kjeldgaard (2013), “Value in Marketing: Toward Socio-cultural Perspectives Marketing Theory
  • Kjeldgaard, Søren Askegaard, Per Østergaard & Jannick Rasmussen (Forthcoming), “Consumers’ Collective Action in Market System Dynamics: A Case of Beer, Marketing Theory

Boards, Networks etc.:

  • Consumer Culture Theory Consortium 
  • Association of Consumer Research 

Søren Askegaard, Professor, Head of Study

Contact 3255
/2612 5823
Web: CV & publications, LinkedIn

Area of research: Consumer Culture Theory, Globalisation, markets systems

SpecialtyConsumer culture, Body and health, Food culture branding

Main Publications: 

  • Søren Askegaard et al. (2014), “Moralities of Food and Health Research”, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 30, (17/18), 1800–1832.
  • Søren Askegaard & Jeppe Linnet (2011), “Towards an Epistemology of Consumer Culture Theory: Phenomenology and the Context of Context”, Marketing Theory, vol. 11 (4), 381-404.
  • Russell W. Belk, Güliz Ger & Søren Askegaard (2003), “The Fire of Desire: A Multi-Sited Inquiry into Consumer Passion”, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 30, no 3 (December), 326-351.

Boards, Network, etc.

  • Consumer Culture Theory Consortium (board of directors)
  • NIBES (Network of International Business and Economics Schools) (Secretary General)

Ian Woodward, Professor

/6550 9449 /5066 5214
Web: CV & publications

Area of researchMaterial culture studies, Consumption studies, Cosmopolitanism studies

SpecialtyMateriality & object relationships, Cultural and consumptive dimensions of  multiculturalism & cosmopolitanism, Globality & global networks, Music, materiality, scenes & cities. 

Main Publications:

  • Bartmanski, D., and Woodward, I. 2015. Vinyl. The Analogue Record in the Digital Age, London: Bloomsbury.
  • Kendall, G., Woodward, I., Skrbis, Z.  2009. The Sociology of Cosmopolitanism, London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Woodward, I. 2007. Understanding Material Culture, London: Sage.

Boards, Network, etc.

  • Adjunct, Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, Griffith University, Australia
  • Faculty Fellow, Center for Cultural Sociology, Yale University, USA
  • Editorial board member of ’American Journal of Cultural Sociology’, ’Social Space’, ’Consumption, Markets and Culture’.

Jan Møller Jensen, Associate Professor

Contact 3241
Web: CV & publications, LinkedIn

Area of Research: Customer loyalty and loyalty programmes, Tourism and travel motivation, Online consumer behaviour, Survey analysis

Specialty:Customer Loyalty ad tourism, mostly the research is carried out using a quantitative approach with questionnaires as data collection instrument.  

Main Publications:

  • Jensen, J. M. (2012). Shopping orientation and online travel shopping: the role of travel experience. International Journal of Tourism Research, 14(1), 56-70
  • Jensen, J. M. (2011). Consumer loyalty on the grocery product market: An empirical application of Dick and Basu's framework. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 28(5), 333-343.
  • Hansen, T., & Jensen, J. M. (2009). Shopping orientation and online clothing purchases: the role of gender and purchase situation. European Journal of Marketing, 43(9/10), 1154-1170.

Boards, Networks etc.:

  • Member of Danish Society for Survey Research
  • Reviewer for international journals: Tourism Management, Journal of Consumer Marketing og International Journal of Information Management

Dorthe Brogaard Kristensen, Associate Professor

Contact information: 3884
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Sundheds- og sygdomsopfattelser

Specialty: Medicinsk pluralisme – folks forbrug af alternativ medicin og manglende autoritetstro overfor konventionel medicin, etnicitet

Current projects:

  • Branding af sundhedsbudskaber/Health branding

Gry Høngsmark Knudsen, Associate Professor

Contact information: 3094
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Markedskommunikation

Specialty: Reklamer, sociale medier og web 2.0, brugere og afsendere, køn og kultur

Current projects

  • Ads as facilitators of global cultural citizenship?

Niklas Woermann, Associate Professor

Contact information:
Web: CV og publications

Area of research: services, customer experience and interactivity, practice theory, methodology

Specialty: social media, consumption communities, face-to-screen interaction, phenomenology of technology, tacit knowledge and skill acquisition

Current projects:

  • Consumer skill acquisition & skill acquisition as a service industry
  • The role of tacit knowledge on social media
  • Towards a site ontology of consumption communities
  • The rise of eSports: How livestream technology drives market emergence
  • Methodological implication of practice theory

Julie Emontspool, Associate Professor

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Consumer behavior, Globalization, Cross-cultural market adaptation

Specialty: Migrant consumer adaptation, Global markets, Socio-culturally embedded entrepreneurship

Current projects:

  • Global cities - laboratories of cultural creativity
  • Morality and power in migrant consumers’ adaptationy
  • Migration and the mundane – new interactions between ethnicity, nostalgia and global products
  • Immigrant entrepreneurship – a socio-cultural perspective

Johanna Gollnhofer, Assistant Professor

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Marketing, Consumer Culture Theory

Specialty:  Sharing Economy, Sustainability, Consumer Resistance

Main Publications:

  • Gollnhofer, J. F. (2017): The Legitimation of a Sustainable Practice through Dialectical Adaptation in the Marketplace, in:
    Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. 
  • Gollnhofer, J. F. (2017): Normalizing Alternative Practices: The Recovery, Distribution and Consumption of Food Waste, in: Journal of Marketing Management
  • Gollnhofer, J. F., Hellwig K. and F. Morhart (2016): Fair is Good but What is Fair?
  • Negotiations of Distributive Justice in an Emerging Non-Monetary Sharing Model, in: Journal of the Association for Consumer Research 1(2), pp. 226-241

Erika Kuever, Assistant Professor

Contact information:
Web: CV og publications

Area of research: China, consumer culture ,consumer rights, fakes and counterfeits, consumer-citizenship, religion & marketing

Specialty: Consumer rights in China, brands in China,  Chinese consumer-citizenship, economic anthropology

Main Publications:

  • 2015: The Peril of Pink Bricks: Gender Ideology and LEGO Friends (with Gry Høngsmark Knudsen). Research in Consumer Behavior, vol 17: pp. 171-188.
  • 2014: Mapping the real and the false: Globalization and the Brand in Contemporary China, Research in Consumer behavior, vol. 16, pp 175-191.
  • 2011: Performance, Spectacle, and Visual Poetry in the Sixtieth Anniversary National Day Parade in the People’s Republic of China, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 12:1,  pp. 6-18.

Network, boards, ect. 

  • American Anthropological Association
  • Consumer Culture Theory Consortium
  • Society for Economic Anthropology
  • Association of Asian Studies 

Alev Kuruoglu, Postdoc

Contact information:
CV & publications

Area of research: Consumer Culture Theory, Marketing.

Specialty: Market system dynamics; material culture; politics of markets and consumption

Current Projects:

  • Market emergence driven by political movements 
  • Intersection of class and gender performances in social media
  • Self-enterprising consumers

Main Publications:

Kuruoğlu, Alev P., and Güliz Ger (2015) "An emotional economy of mundane objects." Consumption Markets & Culture DOI:10.1080/10253866.2014.976074.
Kuruoğlu, Alev P. and Wendelmoet Hamelink (2017) “Sounds of Resistance: Performing the Political in the Kurdish Music Scene” in The Politics of Culture in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus: Performing the Left since the 1960s ed. Leonidas Karakatsanis and Nikolaos Papadogiannis, London: Routledge
Gollnhofer, Johanna F. and Alev P. Kuruoğlu (forthcoming) “Makeshift Markets and Grassroots Responsibilization” Consumption Markets & Culture

Marie Kolling, Postdoc

Contact information:
CV & publications

Area of research: Anthropology and qualitative research

Spcialty: Anticipated consumption, debt, housing and home-making, urban poverty, aspirations and consumption dreams, Brazil, visual methods

Current projects:

  • Credit as crisis and possibility. Making futures and juggling debt among urban poor in Brazil

Network, boards, etc.:

  • Consumer Culture Theory Consortium
  • European Association of Social Anthropologists
  • Anthropology of Economy Network
  • American Anthropology Association
  • Danish Anthropology Association
  • Danish Ethnographic Association
  • Technology and Political Economy researcher group
  • Network of Brazil scholars in Denmark
  • Association of Brazilianists in Europe

Margit Anne Petersen, Postdoc

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CV & publications


Rasmus Gahrn-Andersen, Postdoc

Contact information: /65503286
Web: CV & publications



Aja SmithPostdoc

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Ledelse, forbrug af selvudvikling, tværartslige relationer, natur og menneskesyn

Specialty: Kultur-natur forholdet, relations-teori, kvalitative metoder, erhvervs- og ledelsesantropologi

Current projects:

  • Hesteassisteret ledelsesudvikling, natur og menneskesyn i Danmark

Jannek K. Sommer, PhD Student

Contact information: /65503402
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Consumption of technology, cultural branding

Specialty: Consumption of technology

Boards, Networks etc.:

  • SDU Academy for Societal Change

Charlotte Autzen, PhD Student

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Science communication

Specialty: Science communication and public relations at universities, science and society, strategic communication, CCO

Current projects:

  • The self portrait of science - explored through the lens of 20 years of press releases

Anna Schneider-Kamp, PhD Student

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Patient-roller og patient-identitet, patienters interaktion med sundhedssystemet

Specialty:Patient empowerment, forbrug af medicin

Current projects:

  • Innovative strategier i moderne patientforløb

René Haldborg Jørgensen, PhD Student

Contact information: /65509150
Web: CV & publications


Mikkel Nøjgaard, Research Assistant

Contact information: /65504399
Web: CV & publications 


Cristiano Smaniotto, Research Assistant

Contact information:
Web: CV & publications

Area of research: Consumer Culture Theory, Marketing

Specialty: material culture, sustainability, market dynamics, fashion


  • Smaniotto, C. & Kuever, E. (2017) Performing Taste: Uncovering power dynamics of a tasteful distinction. Proceedings of the 9th Workshop in Interpretive Consumer Research. European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management

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