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Chemical use

Administrator - Are contact persons for "Kemibrug team". Introduces and creates new users in Kemibrug.

  • Laboratory Technician Rikke Orloff Holm
  • Laboratory TechnicianLene Andrup Jakobsen


  • Laboratory Technician Heidi Grøn Jensen
  • Laboratory Technician Sonja Jacobsen 
  • Lene Andrup Jakobsen 
  • Laboratory Technician Bente Frost Holbech
  • Laboratory Technician  Birthe Christensen
  • Laboratory Technician Rikke Orloff Holm

    Aquarium room and thermostat room

    In order to keep track of aquarium rooms and side rooms, a group has been set up which assigns a workplace and one of the group must always be contacted prior to work in the rooms.

    Laboratory Technician Anni Glud
    Laboratory Technician 
    Birthe Christensen

    Contingency plan

    Contact person for Technical Service.

    Laboratory Technician Rikke O. Holm

    Blue SDU Steering Committee

    Blue SDU is a research network that has a mission to unite maritime and marine researchers at SDU around interdisciplinary research. The basic idea with Blue SDU is also to create one main entrance to marine and maritime research that connects individuals and organizations outside SDU with our blue research environments.
    The steering group is responsible for finance, website and an annual seminar.

    Lecturer, Ph.d Henrik Holbech 

    Boats / Trailer
    Engineering AssistantFinn Andreasen
    Service employee
    Niels Christian With Møller

    Laboratory technicianCarina Kronborg Lohmann
    Contact person regarding service on centrifuges.

    Department Lecture Series
    Associate Professor, PhDAmelia-Elena Rotaru 
    E-Science Committee:
    Assistant ProfessorCarolin Löscher 
    Field equipment room
    Supervise that the field equipment room is tidy and that all the necessary equipment is available
    Laboratory TechnicianRikke Orloff Holm 
    Laboratory technician 
    Carina Kronborg Lohmann 
    Service employee
    Niels Christian With Møller
    Sara Egemose

    FF501 Coordinator
    LecturerAmelia-Elena Rotaru 

    Fjord Day

    Ph.d.-scholarship holder Rune Steinfurth 
    LecturerMogens Flindt

    Liquid nitrogen
    Service employee Niels Christian With Møller

    Experimental animal supervision
    Associate Professor, PhD Coen P.H. Elemans 
    Laboratory Technician 
    Sonja Jacobsen 
    Lecturer, lic.scient.  
    Steffen Madsen

    Contact persons for the users of the freezer compartment.

    Laboratory Technician Katrine Clement Kirkegaard 
    Laboratory Technician 
    Erik Laursen 
    Laboratory Technician 
    Sonja Jacobsen

    Freeze dryer
    Contact person and instruction of new users.

    Laboratory Technician Katrine Clement Kirkegaard 

    Gift box
    The purpose of the Gift Box is to give gifts on the occasion of anniversaries, round birthdays and other anniversaries. The members of the gift fund pay NOK 100 a year. Only in the financial year does MA prepare accounts which are sent out. MA collects a current contingent and at the request of people from the research group in question, MA pays money to purchase a gift.

    Office clerk Mette Andersen

    Genetic technology lab. (Tox)
    The committee provides notification of GMO research projects to the Danish Working Environment Authority

    Laboratory technician Bente Frost Holbech


    Genetic Technology Lab. (NordCEE)
    The committee provides notification of GMO research projects to the Danish Working Environment Authority

    Associate Professor Alexander Henning Treusch
    Laboratory technician 
    Erik Laursen

    Maintenance of equipment and instruction of new users.

    Laboratory technician Annette Duus 
    Academic staff member, Ph.D.
    Karin Lund Kinnberg

    Purchasing group
    Purchasing for the various groups.
    Purchases for joint storage are handled by BC.

    Technical and purchasing coordinator  Peter Søholt
    Office clerk 
    Mette Andersen
    Office assistant 
    Ann-Mary Andersen
    Laboratory Technician 
    Birthe Christensen
    Laboratory Technician 
    Sonja Jacobsen
    Laboratory Technician 
    Heidi Grøn Jensen
    Laboratory Technician 
    Annette Duus
    Laboratory Technician 
    Laboratory Technician 
    Dina Holmgaard Skov
    Engineering Assistant
    Finn Andreasen
    Engineering Assistant 
    Frank Mortensen

    To contribute to the faculty's efforts to internationalize the teaching at SDU. eg. attract foreign students, support SDU students taking a semester abroad

    Associate Professor Owen Jones


    Laboratory Technician Heidi Grøn Jensen
    Laboratory Technician Birthe Christensen
    Laboratory Technician Annette Duus

    IT contact
    Technical and purchasing coordinator Peter Søholt  (adm-IT)
    Lecturer, Ph.d
    Henrik Holbech (lab-IT)
    Department Secretary 
    Lone Nørgaard Bruun (adm-IT

    Laboratory trainee supervisor
    Responsible for preparing and submitting job postings.
    Responsible for especially reception and guidance of new laboratory trainees.
    The supervisor is also the link between the trainee's school and the trainee's internship.

    Laborant Dina Holmgaard Skov(Nordcee)  

    Laboratory TechnicianLasse Ørum-Smidt (Nordcee)  
    Rikke Orluff Holm (Ecology) 

    Gender Equality Committee

    Assistant Professor Carolin Löscher 

    Microbiology Lecture Series
    Lecturer Alexander Treusch 

    Responsible for maintenance and lending of BI's microscopes for educational use.

    Lecturer, lic.scient. Steffen Madsen
    Laboratory technician 
    Carina Kronborg Lohmann

    Travel scholarships
    Processing of applications and distribution of grants for student excursions and congress participation.

    Lecturer, lic.scient. Steffen Madsen

    Svanninge Bjerge Professional group
    Maintain an overview of teaching and research activities in Svanninge Bjerge to facilitate communication between BI and Bikubenfonden and among BI researchers. The group's goal is to propose relevant collaborative projects based on this overview.

    Associate Professor Johan Dahlgren
    Associate Professor Kasper Reitzel
    Associate Professor Coen P.H. Elemans 


    Service vehicles
    The committee is responsible for all administrative and practical tasks related to service vehicles. The administrative tasks include checking bookings, giving permission for student driving, giving permission for external users to drive, and providing guidance to new users. The practical tasks include purchasing, service check, repair and cleaning of the wagons.

    Professor Ph.D. Erik Kristensen
    Service employee 
    Niels Christian With Møller
    Office assistant
     Ann-Mary Andersen 
    Engineering Assistant 
    Finn Andreasen 
    Associate Professor
    Kasper Reitzel

    Represent teachers from NAT in SDU's committee on teaching rooms

    Lecturer Jane Morthorst

    Water system
    Maintenance of water systems and contact persons for service.

    Laboratory Technician Birthe Christensen 
    Laboratory Technician 
    Erik Laursen

    Wash / coats
    Contact person regarding washing and renting coats.

    Laboratory Technician Lasse Ørum-Smidt

    Responsible for the weights and for the contact to the company that will calibrate them.

    Laboratory Technician Anni Glud

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