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FAQ - Dept of Biology

Dept of Biology - accounting staff and purchasing organization

Dorte Banke Sjøberg
  • 10-306 - teaching, running expenses, pocket money,  study travel, re-invoicing, annum

Inge Blond Kroun
  • 95/94/97/90-306 - research projects, budgets, external funding

Peter Søholt
  • IT-purchases, Eurocard purchasing accounts/online Mastercard(per research group)

List of purchasers

As a rule, personal expenses/disbursements should be avoided with the exception of travel-related expenses

When you are in Denmark, please contact your local or central purchaser for help regarding purchases

Reimbursements concerning IT-purchases are NOT POSSIBLE! - In case of urgent needs for replacements during travel, please contact Peter Søholt for guidance before you act.