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From Drawings to Finished Product

Please bring a drawing or sketch when you come see us, it doesn’t have to be very elaborate. We usually draw the project in 3D anyway, since we are using the different parts to create tool paths. After it has been drawn in 3D, it is easy for you to see how the final result will be, and we can easily make adjustments if needed.  

The Whole Story

When you order a task, it is very important that you tell us how and where it is going to be used and in which environment, such as temperature, alkaline or acid, electrical properties, salt water, cold, heat, etc. as it is crucial to the choice of materials. Or is it going to be shipped somewhere. How is it going to be packed, weight, length, etc.

Come in Good Time

It is very important that you come in good time. You are not the only one who needs us, and some tasks are very time consuming, not only to manufacture but also to design and develop. Some materials can also be difficult to get a hold of from day to day.

Last Updated 16.08.2016