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What can we do?

We repair all types of electrical appliances.
We develop and build special equipment that can not be purchased.
We advise on the purchase and use of electrical appliances.
We advise on the safety of power equipment and layouts.
We work with both analogue and digital technology and program microprocessors.

We have a lending facility: we collect appliances, cabinets and other equipment that is not used any more and loan it to people free of charge.

We have a lot of electronic measuring equipment; a CNC cutter for producing faceplates, special mechanical components, etc.; and equipment for print production.

Examples of equipment we have developed:

  • Bat detectors so you can hear bats.
  • Equipment for measuring nerve impulses.
  • Equipment for underwater data collection.
  • Telemetry equipment.
  • Special mechanical agitator systems.
  • Controls for temperature, pressure, time, flow, etc.
  • Robots.
  • RFID recorders.
  • Pulse generators.
  • ... and 1000 other things.

Last Updated 16.08.2016