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Equipment loan

We collect appliances that are no longer in use, they are checked, repaired and put in store.
People can borrow / have these appliances.
Appliances are also used if they can be converted into something else or used as spare parts.
There are all sorts of appliances, but predominantly power supplies, used cabinets, etc.

In order to find out what equipiment is available for loan and its current status please follow the instructions below.

  • In Outlook go to "Offentlige mapper" (official folders)
  • Then click on "Alle offentlige mapper" (all official folders)
  • Naturvidenskab (science)
  • Biologi (biology)
  • Elektronik (electronics)
  • Double-click on "Apparatudlån" (Loans) and you will get an Outlook list which can be opened by clicking on +

Outlook 2003 can also be made to show the lists correctly if you go into the menus: "Vis/ Arranger efter/ Aktuel visning" and choose "apparatudlån".

Last Updated 16.08.2016