Management Forum

Department Head Marianne Holmer (Chairman)
Professor Anette Baudisch (Research Group Leader of MaxO, Maternity)
Associate Professor Ulrich Steiner (Research Leader of  MaxO, substitute in Management Forum for Anette Baudisch)
Professor Poul Bjerregaard (Research Group Leader of the Environmental Stress Group)
Professor Don Canfield (Research Group Leader of Nordcee)
Professor Ronnie N. Glud (Research Group Leader of Nordcee)
Professor Bo Thamdrup (Research Group Leader of Nordcee)
Associate Professor Mogens Flindt (Research Group Leader of the Echology Group)
Department Secretary Lone Nørgaard Bruun (Representative of Administration and Technical Support)
Associate Professor Bo Jensen (Observer from the Physiology Group)
Associate Professor Steffen S. Madsen (Observer from the Physiology Group)

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