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Health and Safety at Work Group


  • Head of the Department: Gary Banta (work leader)
  • Laboratory technician Bente Frost Holbech(workplace representative for Workshops, Secretariat, Environmental Stress, Physiology and DEM-group)
  • Laboratory technician Dina Holmgaard Skov (workplace representative for NordCEE)
  • Laboratory technician Katrine Clement Kirkegaard(workplace representative for the ecology group)
  • Laboratory technician Sonja Jacobsen (workplace representative for the sound and communitcation along with the Kertemine Field Station) 
  • Associate Professor Alexander Treusch  (observer)  
  • Anne-Katrine Obel Ewertsen(student representative)

Minutes of the meetings in the work environment group can be seen here(Danish).

Last Updated 03.09.2020