Application for the study travel fund


Alyssa Maxwell
Neuromechanics and motor control of songbirds
Supervisor: Coen Elemans


Ana Rita Silva
Filling Biodiversity Knowledge Gaps for Decision Making in Conservation
Supervisors: Dalia Amor Conde & Fernando Colchero


Belén Franco Cisterna 
Microbial communities of guts and fecal pellets of the copepod Acartia tonsa: Biogeochemical implications
Supervisors: Ronnie N. Glud & Peter Stief.


Christian Furbo Christiansen
Investigating the evolution and ecology of nitrogenases

Supervisors: Don Canfield & Carolin Löscher

Ditte Wiig Tholstrup
Patterns and consequences of plant aging
Supervisors: Johan Dahlgren

Elisa Hernández Magaña
Microbial physiology of Ammonia-oxidizing Archaea.
Supervisors: Don Canfield and Beate Kraft.

Gesa Römer
The variation of demographic traits of species across the Tree of Life
Supervisors: Owen Jones and Johan Dahlgren


Heide Maria Baden
Demographic Aging in Plants
Supervisors: Prof. Johan Dahlgren & Fernando Colchero


Kenneth Sørensen
Hearing in penguins
Supervisors: Magnus Wahlberg

Lars Seidelin
Outreach and communication of marine biology
Supervisors: Marianne Holmer & Magnus Wahlberg


Mette Sloth Bohsen
Improving Nanoparticulate Carriers for Oral Drug Delivery Using Archaeal Lipids
Supervisors: Alexander Treusch & Martin Brandl



Mon Oo Yee
Investigations of Biochemical Mechanism for Natural Gas Upgrading by Methanogenic Archaea Consuming Electrons from Electrodes
Supervisors: Bo Thamdrup & Amelia-Elena Rotaru


Nele Svenja Wendländer
Test of methods for large-scale restoration of eelgrass (Zostera marina) in coastal areas of Denmark

Supervisors: Mogens Flindt & Erik Kristensen


Niels Svane
Development of Analytical Methods Based on Drone Information

Supervisors: Mogens Flindt


Ozan Ezgi Berberoglu 
Motor strategies of song learning

Supervisors: Coen Elemans


 Paul Rousteau
Microbial Ecology and Sediment Biogeochemistry of Freshwater Systems
Supervisor: Bo Thamdrup


Peihang Xu
Oxygenic and non-oxygenic primary producers in oxygen minimum zone waters
Supervisor: Don Canfield & Carolin Löscher

Sandra Walløe Thorsen
Early succession of flora and fauna in restored marine lagoon
Supervisors: Marianne Holmer & Erik Kristensen


Susan Guldberg G. Petersen
Turnover and emission of Green House Gases (GHG) in coastal areas flooded with seawater or freshwater
Supervisors: Erik Kristensen & Kasper Reitzel


Tanya Lauridsen
Development of the Middle Ear and Hearing in Anurans
Supervisor: Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard

Felix Theo Häfele
Effects of active information filtering through dynamic control emitter- and receiver-morphology of bats.
Supervisor: Lasse Jakobsen


Thor Kolath Jensen
Phosphorus cycle in reestablished lakes: internal and external loading
Supervisors: Kasper Reitzel


Troels Lange
Development and test of Measures Supporting Recovery of Eelgrass (Zostera Marina) in Estuaries
Supervisors: Mogens Flindt & Thomas Valdemarsen



Yaoru Pan
The role of carbon export in Blue Carbon ecosystems (seagrass and macroalgae beds)
Supervisor: Marianne Holmer