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Alyssa Maxwell
Neuromechanics and motor control of songbirds
Supervisor: Coen Elemans


Ana Rita Silva
Filling Biodiversity Knowledge Gaps for Decision Making in Conservation
Supervisors: Dalia Amor Conde & Fernando Colchero


Claudia Karlsen
Environmental effects on recipients after implementation of measures in catchments
Supervisors: Sara Egemose & Mogens R. Flindt


Clement Cechetto
Multimodal intergration in echolocating bats
Supervisor: Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, Lasse Jakobsen, John Hallam & Eric Warrant


Emilia Röhr
Baltic Sea Blue Carbon: Environmental Gradients Influencing the Carbon sink Capacity of Seagrass Meadows
Supervisor: Marianne Holmer


Gesa Römer
The variation of demographic traits of species across the Tree of Life
Supervisors: Owen Jones and Johan Dahlgren


Kim Lundgreen
Methods to verify Organism Viability in Treated Ballast Water
Supervisors: Henrik Holbech, Knud Ladegaard Pedersen & Gitte I. Petersen


Lars Seidelin
Outreach and communication of marine biology
Supervisors: Marianne Holmer & Magnus Wahlberg


Line Boisen Staal
Phosphorus recovery from waste water systems 
Supervisor: Kasper Reitzel & Ulla Gro Nielsen


Lukasz Koziel
Regnbetingede udledningers effekt på miljøet afhængig af type, rensemetode og dens omkostningseffektivitet
Supervisors: Sara Egemose & Mogens Flindt


Mads Nedergaard Olsen
Understanding Multiagent Behavior of Navigating Groups
Supervisors: Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, Lasse Jakobsen & John Hallam


Mon Oo Yee
Investigations of Biochemical Mechanism for Natural Gas Upgrading by Methanogenic Archaea Consuming Electrons from Electrodes
Supervisors: Bo Thamdrup & Amelia-Elena Rotaru


 Paola Andrea Palacois Jaramillo
Highly corrosive methanogenic strains isolated from corroded oil/gas pipes and future perspectives to develop tools against corrosion
Supervisors: Amelia-Elena Rotaru & Bo Thamdrup


Sandra Walløe Thorsen
Early succession of flora and fauna in restored marine lagoon
Supervisors: Marianne Holmer & Erik Kristensen


Sophie Lund Rasmussen
Human influences on the survival and distribution of hedgehogs
Supervisors: Owen Jones & Thomas Bjørneboe Berg
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Tanya Lauridsen
Development of the Middle Ear and Hearing in Anurans
Supervisor: Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard


Troels Lange
Development and test of Measures Supporting Recovery of Eelgrass (Zostera Marina) in Estuaries
Supervisors: Mogens Flindt & Thomas Valdemarsen

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