Research projects

Accessing the inaccessible - drone exploration of bat echolocation
Grant holder: Lasse Jakobsen
Grant provider: FNU


A Trans-Atlantic assessment and deep-water ecosystem-based spatial management plan for Europe
Grant holder: Ronnie N. Glud
Grant provider: EU H2020 ERC



Benthic diagenesis and microbiology of hadal trenches
Grant holder: Ronnie N. Glud
Grant provider: EU ERC



Biologiske undersøgelser i og omkring den kommende lagune ved Gyldensteen - før og efter oversvømmelse
Grant holder: Marianne Holmer & Erik Kristensen
Grant provider: Aage V. Jensen Naturfond


Grant holder: Henning S. Jensen (SDU) & Prof. Brian Kronvang (AU) Koordinator
Grant provider: Innovationsfonden


Could senescence be adaptive? Causes and consequences of aging across the tree of life
Grant holder: Iain Stott
Grant provider: EU MSCA




EDC-tests med endemiske  padder

Grant holder: Poul Bjerregaard
Grant provider: Miljøstyrelsen


Effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on the basic reproductive biology in molluscs
Grant holder: Poul Bjerregaard
Grant provider: FNU



Electrogas - The renewable E-power buffer
Grant holder: Amelia-Elena Rotaru
Grant provider: Innovationsfonden


Evolutionary and ecological success of sponges - the world's simplest animals
Grant holder: Hans Ulrik Riisgård
Grant provider: FNU



Feeding on electrons
Grant holder: Amelia-Elena Rotaru
Grant provider: FNU, Sapere Aude


Flex those muscles: Motor Shaping of vocal learning
Grant holder: Iris Adam
Grant provider: FNU


Hearing and estimated noise impacts in three species of Auk: Implications for the marbled murrelet
Grant holder: Magnus Wahlberg
Grant provider: ONR (Office of Naval Research)/ The University of Iceland


Hearing in Penguins
Grant holder:Magnus Wahlberg
Grant provider: German Environment Agency


Improvement of natural habitats for coastal birds in the West Baltic Sea (Better BirdLIFE)
Grant holder: Mogens Flindt
Grant provider : EU Life, Nature and Biodiversity



Kelp industrial production: Potential impacts on coastal ecosystems (KELPPRO)
Grant holder: Ronnie N. Glud
Grant provider: Norges Forskningsråd (NRF)



Life at Low Oxygen
Grant holder: Donald Canfield
Grant provider: FNU



Locating Muscle Memory of Vocal Motor Skills
Grant holder: Michiel Vellema
Grant provider: EU MSCA


MICROBIAL CHEMICAL PLANTS: Harnessing microbial metabolism for the production of valuable chemicals
Grant holder: Amelia-Elena Rotaru
Grant provider: Novo Nordisk Fonden



Microbial oceanography of the oxygen-deficient waters of the eastern trophical South Pacific
Grant holder: Donald Canfield
Grant provider: Agouron Institute



Modelling demographic responses to climate change across the animal and plant kingdom
Grant holder: Owen Russell Jones
Grant provider: FNU



Molecular adaptions in oxygen transport and metabolism
Grant holder: Frank Bo Jensen
Grant provider: FNU


Sara Egemose

New Danish Lakes - Design of optimal environmental status and biodiversity
Grant Holder: Sara Egemose(SDU)  Kaj Sand Jensen(KU - Coordinator))
Grant Provider: Aage V. Jensen Naturfond



NITROX - Nitrogen regeneration under changing oxygen conditions
Grant holder: Donald Canfield & Carolin Löscher
Grant provider: EU MSCA



NOVAGRASS - innovative eelgrass restoration techniques
Grant holder: Erik Kristensen
Grant provider: DSF


Novel niches for anaerobic methane oxidation and their biochemical significance
Grant holder: Bo Thamdrup
Grant provider: EU H2020 ERC



ReCoverP - Recovery of phosphorus from wastewater treatment systems
Grant holder: Kasper Reitzel
Grant provider: Innovationsfonden


SEAD-Plant: Stage, Environment and Age-based Demography of Plants
Grant holder:  Johan Dahlgren
Grant provider: FNU – Sapere Aude


Sediment resuspension - an understudied key factor for biogeochemical functioning of coastal habitats: 
Field investigations with novel in situ technology 

Grant holder:  Ronnie N. Glud
Grant provider: FNU


Stimulating young people's interest in the sea
Grant holder: Marianner Holmer
Grant provider: Nordea Fonden


Large-scale test of Sand capping - A potential marine tool for improving the environmental state of fjords
Grant holder: Mogens Flindt
Grant provider :NaturErhvervstyrelsen


Large scale - planting of eelgrass
Grant holder: Mogens Flindt
Grant provider : NaturErhvervstyrelsen



The development environment and its controlling factors for ancient hydrocarbon source rocks
Grant holder: Donald Canfield
Grant provider: Petro China



Transepithelial water transport and the role of aquaporins in fishes: Diversity, molecular physiology and regulation
Grant holder: Steffen Madsen
Grant provider: FNU




Verification of the effectiveness of Ballast Water Treatment Systems
Grant holder:  Henrik Holbech
Grant provider: Den Danske Maritime Fond



VILLUM Investigator Grant
Grant holder: Donald Canfield
Grant provider: Villum Foundation


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