ZoophysiologyDepartment of Biological Sciences,
Aarhus University

Contact person
Professor Peter Teglberg Madsen, PhD 
Research: Physiological acoustics, especially biosonar in sperm whales.

Behavior and Stress Biology GroupFaculty of Agricultural Sciences (DJF),
Aarhus University

Contact person
Senior Scientist Jens Malmkvist, PhD (Foulum) 
Research: Fear, brain-behaviour-hormone interactions, behaviour and physiology linked with young mortality (mink/pig), stress and ontogeny.

Integrative Physiology Group,
Aarhus University

Contact person
Senior Scientist Helle Risdahl Juul-Madsen (Foulum) 
Research: Disease resistance and general immune status.

Department of Bioscience - Marine Mammal Research,
Aarhus University

Contact person
Senior scientist Jakob Tougaard (DMU); 
Research: Marine mammal bioacoustics and passive acoustic monitoring.

Hearing Systems, Department of Electrical Engineering,
Technical University of Denmark.

Contact Person
Dr. rer. nat. Professor Torsten Dau 
Research: Acoustical technology, psychoacoustics.

Section for Ecology and EvolutionDepartment of Biology,
Copenhagen University

Contact Person
Associate professor, Dr. scient. Torben Dabelsteen, PhD 
Research: Social behavior and communication.

Department of Biology,
University of Southern Denmark

Contact Person
Associate professor Ole Næsbye Larsen, PhD 
Research: Acoustic communication especially in birds. 

Department of Technology and Innovation,
University of Southern Denmark

Contact Person
Associate Professor Peter Møller Juhl, PhD 
Research: General acoustics, acoustic holography and beamforming, effects of noise on humans, speech intelligibility.

Other SDU supervisors:

Professor John Hallam, PhD 
The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute for Production Technology 
Research: Biologically inspired robot-design.

Consultant Ture Andersen, MSc 
(Audiology, Odense University Hospital); 
Research: Audiology, psychoacoustics.

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