The following students have graduated through SNAK:

Christina Lemkuhl Noer 
Supervisors: Torben Dabelsteen (KU) og Mikkel Stelvig (Københavns Zoo)
topic: Mate choice profiling - a novel method to improve breeding success in zoo kept animals
Start date: September 1, 2012 
Defense date: 8 December 2016

Lara Delgado García  
Supervisor: Magnus Wahlberg (SDU)
Topic: Biosonar in toothed whales and behavioural implications
Start date: September 1, 2012
Defense date: 30 September 2016

Katrine Hulgard
Supervisors: Annemarie Surlykke (SDU) and John Morgan Ratcliffe (SDU)
Topic: Echolocating bats: a unique model for studying the importance of attention for hearing
Start date: September 1, 2012 
Defense date: 7 December 2015

Sayedali Shekarchi
Supervisors: Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard (SDU) and John Hallam (SDU)
Topic: HRTF-based algorithms to simulate spatial sound
Start date: August 1, 2009
Defense date: 27 March 2015

Partly financed by SNAK

Cláudia Inês de Oliveira
Supervisors: Magnus Wahlberg (Fjord&Bælt, SDU), Joao Goncalves (University of the Azores) and Mónica Silva (University of the Azores)
Topic: Population ecology of the sperm whale (Physeter macroecphalus) in the Azores Archipelago
Start date: November 1, 2008 
Defense date: January, 2015

Jens Koblitz
Supervisor: Hans-Ulrich Schnitzler (University of Tübingen) and Magnus Wahlberg (Fjord&Bælt, SDU)
Topic: Sonar beam characteristics and scanning behaviour of free ranging bats and dolphins
Start date: September 15, 2006
Defense date: November, 2014

Solveig Walløe
Supervisor: Torben Dabelsteen (KU)
Topic: Vocal imitation, repertoire size and brain structure in parrots - how do they correlate?
Start date: January 1, 2010
Defense date: 18 March 2014

Kayleigh Fawcett
Supervisors: John Morgan Ratcliffe (SDU) and Annemarie Surlykke (SDU)
Topic: The influence of conspecifics on echolocation in bats
Start date: 1 May 2010
Defense date: 14 February 2014

Danuta Maria Wisniewska
Supervisors: Peter Teglberg Madsen (AU) og Kristian Beedholm (AU)
Topic: Toothed whale biosonar systems: Active auditory scene analysis in orientation, prey detection and discrimination
Start date: 1 February 2009
Defense date: 31 May 2013

Filip Munch Rønne
Supervisor: Torsten Dau (DTU)
Topic: Modelling human auditory evoked brain responses to complex sounds
Start date: 1 March 2009
Defense date: 10 December 2012 

Pernille Maj Svendsen
Supervisor: Jens Malmkvist (AU)
Topic: Improving welfare of mink through novel feeding strategies
Start date: August 15, 2009 
Defense date: November 2012

Meike Linnenschmidt
Supervisors: Magnus Wahlberg (Fjord&Bælt, SDU) and Paul Nachigall (University of Hawaii)
Topic: Harbour Porpoise Target Detection and Echo Processing Abilities
Start date: 1 April 2009
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: 15 June 2012 

Danish Shaikh
Supervisors: John Hallam (SDU) and Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard (SDU)
Topic: Investigation of 3D sound localisation and generation
Start date: 1 September 2008
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: 30 March 2012 

Andrew Wright
Supervisor: Jonas Teilmann (AU)
Start date: 1 November 2009
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: 1 February 2012

Signe May Andersen
Supervisors: Jonas Teilmann (NERI, AU) and Lee Miller (SDU)
Topic: Harbour seal behaviour and ecology
Start date: 1 March 2007
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: 27 October 2011

Iris Arweiler
Supervisors: Torsten Dau(DTU) and Jörg Buchholz (DTU)
Topic: Processing of spatial sounds in the impaired auditory system
Start date: 1 January 2008
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: 6 July 2011

Sébastien Santurette
Supervisor: Torsten Dau (DTU)
Topic: Neural coding and perception of pitch in the normal and impaired human auditory system
Start date: 15 August 2007
Defense date: 17 June 2011

Frants Jensen
Supervisors: Peter Teglberg Madsen (AU)
Topic: Acoustic behaviour in two species of toothed whales
Start date: 1 February 2007
Defense date: 8 April 2011

Signe Brinkløv
Supervisor: Annemarie Surlykke (SDU)
Topic: Directionality of bat echolocation signals
Start date: 11 June 2007
Defense date: 3 September 2010

Lasse Jakobsen
Supervisor: Annemarie Surlykke (SDU)
Topic: Directionality of echolocation signals from bats 
Start date: 1 March 2007
Defense date: 2 September 2010

Nana Hesler
Supervisor: Torben Dabelsteen (KU)
Topic: Song complexity in blackbirds - an honest signal of male quality?
Start date: 1 October 2006
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: 30 June 2010

Sylvain Favrot
Supervisors: Torsten Dau (DTU) and Jörg Buchholz (DTU)
Topic: Investigating the auditory mechanisms underlying the enhancement of speech intelligibility by early reflections
Start date: 1 January 2007
Defense date: 29 June 2010

Liat Romme Thomsen
Supervisors: Birte Lindstrøm Nielsen (AU) og Ole Næsbye Larsen (SDU)
Topic: Feeding behaviour of socially housed, growing animals
Start date: 1 April 2007
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: 25 June 2010

Sarah Verhulst
Supervisor: Torsten Dau (DTU) and James M. Harte (DTU)
Topic: Signal transfer from the brain to the auditory periphery: Characterising the medical olivocochlear efferent system
Start date: 1 December 2006
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: 10 June 2010

Christian Brandt
Supervisor: Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard (SDU)
Topic: Obscure auditory disorder caused by localized cochlear defects
Start date: 1 March 2007
Defense date: 28 May 2010

Morten Løve Jepsen
Supervisor: Torsten Dau (DTU), Lars Bramsløw and Michael S. Pedersen (Oticon)
Topic: Objective evaluation of hearing aid processed sound, using an auditory processing model of hearing impairment
Start date: October 15, 2006
Partly financed by SNAK
Defense date: May 27th 2010

Helen Connor Sørensen
Supervisors: Torben Poulsen (DTU), Torsten Dau (DTU) and Carl Ludvigsen (Widex)
Topic: Hearing aid amplification at soft input levels
Start date: February 1, 2006
Defense date: January 18th 2010

Jens Bo Nielsen
Supervisor: Torsten Dau (DTU) and Thomas U. Christiansen (DTU)
Topic: Enhancement of speech intelligibility using novel synthesis methods to delineate the fundamental building blocks of spoken language
Start date: March 1, 2005
Defense date: December 2nd 2009

Lei Zhang
Supervisor: John Hallam (SDU) and Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard (SDU)
Topic: Modeling directional hearing in lizards
Start date: March 1, 2006
Defense date: October 20th 2009

Tobias Piechowiak
Supervisor: Torsten Dau (DTU)
Topic: Multiresolution spectrotemporal analysis of complex sounds
Start date: May 1, 2005
Defense date: September 28th 2009

Eric Thompson
Supervisor: Torsten Dau (DTU)
Topic: Modeling monaural and binaural signal detection in reverberant listening environments
Start date: October 15, 2005
Defense date: August 31st 2009

Ursula Verfuss
Supervisors: Hans Ulrich Schnitzler, Tübingen University, Germany and Lee Miller (SDU)
Topic: Echolocation behaviour of harbour porpoises (Phocoena Phocoena)
Start date: August 1997
Defense date: February 29, 2008

Vicky Bjerre
Supervisor: Gert R.J. Christoffersen (KU)
Topic: EEG-potentials related to different amounts of visual information held in human working memory
Start date: May 1, 2004
Defense date: November 21, 2007

Brent Kirkwood
Supervisors: Torben Poulsen (DTU) and Graham Naylor (OTICON)
Topic: Acoustical Description of Perceptually Salient Features in Everyday Sounds
Start date: October 1, 2003
Defense date: March 2007

Nanna Brande-Lavridsen
Supervisors: Bodil Korsgaard (SDU) and Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard (SDU)
Topic: Estrogenic compounds effect on the physiology and reproduction in frogs
Start date: March 1, 2003
Defense date: February 9, 2007

Safi-Kirstine Klem Darden
Supervisor: Torben Dabelsteen (KU)
Topic: Spatial organization and communication network activities in the swift fix (Vulpes velox)
Start date: Juli, 2003
Defense date: December 20, 2006

Erik Schmidt
Supervisors: Torben Poulsen (DTU) and Carl Ludvigsen (WIDEX)
Topic: Hearing aid processing of loud speech levels, and consequences for speech intelligibility and listening comfort
Start date: May 1, 2003
Defense date: December 5, 2006
Industrial Ph.D.

Georgios Yannakakis
Supervisors: John Levine, University of Strathclyde, Scotland and John Hallam (SDU)
Topic: Effective and efficient controller construction using evolutionary learning, for dynamic multi-agent environments
Start date: 2001
Defense date: December, 2005

Kenneth Kragh Jensen
Supervisor: Ole Næsbye Larsen (SDU)
Topic: Acoustical communication in the Hooded Crow (Corvus corone cornix)
Start date: February 1, 2001
Defense date: June 17, 2005

Angelika Pöesel
Supervisor: Torben Dabelsteen (KU)
Topic: Singing in territorial defense and mate choice in the blue tit (Parus caeruleus)
Start date: September 1, 2001
Defense date: December 17, 2004

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