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Acoustic Communication

The graduate summer school on ‘Acoustic Communication’ has been held at irregular intervals since 1996.  We now aim to organize the course every second year (in uneven years).  The course focus will be on giving students a fundamental understanding of acoustics and a comprehensive knowledge of modern methods for studying acoustic communication. This will be achieved through an intensive 2-week residential course at two different locations, covering terrestrial and underwater sound communication, respectively, combining lectures and student seminars with demonstrations and practicum in the laboratory and field.   The following subjects will be covered: classical acoustics and measuring techniques, sound emission, mapping of acoustic interactions in time and space, the degradation of sound signals propagating through the biotope, sound reception, sound perception, playback techniques, vibration signals, and underwater sounds.

Methods in SNAK

On an individual basis new PhD students are offered the opportunity to visit the different laboratories of SNAK supervisors at each partner institution to gain insight into the special methods and equipment used here. In addition, the visits serve as an introduction to the other graduate students in SNAK.

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