Organization of SNAK






The graduate school SNAK is a collaboration between the following :

SNAK is based at the Department of Biology at SDU.

Managerial decisions are made by the Director Ole Næsbye Larsen (SDU) supported by Secretary Lone Nørgaard Bruun (SDU).

Major decisions about the graduate school are made in the Steering Committee, which consists of:
Associate Professor Ole Næsbye Larsen (SDU)
Associate Professor Torben Dabelsteen (KU)
Senior scientist Jens Malmkvist (AU)
Senior scientist Jakob Tougaard (AU).

The Steering Committee ensures the scientific quality of SNAK's activities as regards procedures and courses. It promotes the development of new courses and interactions between the SNAK students enrolled at the four universities.

SNAK works in collaboration with several people from various foreign universities and some industrial partners

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