Purpose of the graduate school SNAK





One of the most important functions of the nervous system is to deal with the information from the senses and control the appropriate behaviour. Therefore, investigations of the behaviour expressed both in nature and in the laboratory as well as studies of neurophysiology and neuroanatomy are of fundamental importance for understanding the principles behind the function of the nervous system. Such investigations vary from straight forward studies of behaviour in the field to exploitation of neural principles for signal processing in robot systems.

The purpose of the graduate school SNAK is, through courses and supervision, to provide Ph.D.-students with a research education at an international level with emphasis on the investigation of all aspects of sound communication in humans as well as in land living and marine animals, but also of many other sensory modalities and types of behaviour investigations.

Besides the obvious relevance in encouraging research in the function of the nervous system with the employment of Ph.D.-candidates at universities, it is also worth mentioning that Ph.D.-candidates may be employed within the industries of environmental monitoring, hearing aids, robot technology, medical treatment and animal husbandry.


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