PhD students must apply to SNAK for admission to a course using the application form provided for that course.

If there are more qualified applicants for a course than the maximum number of participants, priority will be given to students enrolled in SNAK and to guest students at partner institutions.

In order to fulfill the requirements for obtaining a PhD degree the students of SNAK must follow relevant advanced courses to earn 30 ECTS credits in total. Some of these must be SNAK courses, the rest may be other relevant courses accepted by your University.

... to SNAK itself

SNAK-students must be enrolled at one of the four partner universities and must fulfill the normal requirements for enrollment at the institution in question (see the PhD study programmes at AU, at SDU, at DTU and at UC).

To be enrolled at SNAK, the supervisor must be a member of the graduate school. See the list of Contact persons.

Furthermore, an application form must be filled out and signed by both the student and the supervisor. This application form, together with a description of the project, must be sent to the secretary of the graduate school, Lone Nørgaard Bruun, for approval by the board.

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