About SNAK

Welcome to the homepage of SNAK, the Danish PhD School on Sense organs, Nerve systems, Behaviour, and Communication (a.k.a. SNAK in Danish).

The school represents a nation-wide network of four Danish universities that are engaged in training young researchers within the broad field of Neuroethology, Behaviour, and Communication. SNAK is strongly internationally oriented and a member of the Network of European Neuroscience Schools (NENS).  The School coordinates and organizes cross-institutional and international PhD-courses, workshops, and supports relevant conferences.

SNAK was set up in 2005 by the four main universities in Denmark to promote first their research on the neural basis of behaviour and sensation with a focus on animal communication. The primary researchers in these fields develop and instruct courses aimed at PhD students from Denmark and abroad — who are, after all, the next generation of researchers in our field.

Our goal is to train to PhDs up to and beyond the international standard, across fields ranging from basic research in sensory physiology, behavior and neurobiology to applied research on animal husbandry and hearing aids.

Denmark is a small country but with a strong tradition of research in the areas outlined above. It makes sense for us to share and pool together the expertise we have— SNAK enables students to benefit from a wider range of experienced researchers/instructors than would ever be possible in any single institution. SNAK also includes as foreign members professors from Europe and the US.

For information on applying to the School and contacting the research leaders involved, please follow the links embedded in the text. From all of us at SNAK, we look forward to hearing from you.

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