Marine Biological Research Centre


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The Marine Biological Research Centre, which is owned by the University of Southern Denmark, was built in 1997 next to the private Foundation Fjord & Belt and is used for research, education, field Projects and summer courses.

The centre is equipped with modern laboratories, teaching rooms, aquaria rooms with running seawater etc. In addition, a couple of small boats belong to the centre.

The nearby Fjord Biological Laboratory acts as an annex for external co-operation projects and courses.

The Kerteminde University Car leaves campus every day at 7:30 from the car parking lot, and leave Kerteminde no later than 16:00 (to sign up and other information).

Contact information:

Marine Biological Research Centre
University of Southern Denmark
Hindsholmvej 11
5300 Kerteminde

Associate professor Magnus Wahlberg
Daily leader, booking
Mobile: +45 2216 3950

Service staff Niels Christian With Møller
Phone: +45 2147 8654

Student office
Phone: +45 6550 7695