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The Ecology Group

Research in the ecology group focuses on the natural cycle of C, N and P and pressing human impacts such as eutrophication and climate change on aquatic ecosystems. We combine this knowledge with the ecology of flora and fauna to provide a unique set of nature-based solutions and restoration projects. We investigate freshwater and marine ecosystems spanning a wide range of topics including soil and sediment bio-geochemistry, restoration of lakes, streams, wetlands, coastal habitats (saltmarshes, seagrass, blue mussels, stone reefs), and coastal areas as well as pelagic food-webs, benthic fauna- and fish ecology. We develop applications on the sustainable use of P in waste-water systems, harvesting of marine natural products and blue growth. Our climate adaptation projects encompass environmental sound solutions to rain-water basins and coastal managed realignment.

Last Updated 22.10.2020