Bachelor Students and Financial Support
• Ask the purchaser of your group if you can get financial support concerning your Bachelor-project. 

Budget Sheet SDU For Apllication Research Projects
• Sdu.dk - Support Office, Science (SOS)

Car Booking System
• Sdu.dk - Reserving Department Vehicles
• Use of own car: You have to provide a written approval from Department Head
• Sdunet.dk - The University of Southern Denmarks internal circular on work related trips

Founding Of Course (Staff) SDU - Application Form (Kompetencefonden)
• Sdunet - Competence Foundation

Debit Cards of Biology
• Bilka, Silvan, Bauhaus, Stof og stil, Panduru hobby, Plantorama and Ikea.
• The cards are all physically placed in Peter Søholt's office.
• Return the receipt at Dorte Banke Sjøbergs office and write account number on the receipt. 
• If you buy food, send an e-mail to Inge Kroun and Dorte Banke Sjøberg with following information: 
    ◦ Purpose of the meeting 
    ◦ Name of participants
• Formelle krav vedrørende rejse- og repræsentationsbilag

Delivery Notes (Følgesedler)
• Must be handed in to Dorte Banke Sjøberg

• Travel booking at Egencia: Sdunet - Rejsebestilling hos Egencia
• Egencias own travel portal: Egencia
• Formelle krav vedrørende rejse- og repræsentationsbilag

Eurocard / PayPal 
• Paypall and Mastercard are all physically placed in Peter Søholt's office.
• Please fill in the form in the map with the requested information
• Return the receipt to Inge Kroun, Dorte Banke Sjøberg and Mette Andersen with the relevant account number for payment and documentation. 

Catering for Meetings 
• Ordering catering in the Canteen or from the Restaurant at SDU
    • You can order yourself or get help from Ann-Mary
    • Remember to give following information when ordering to Ann-Mary:
◦ Purpose/name of meeting 
◦ Name of participants
• Canteen requisition
    • You can collect one from Dorte Banke Sjøberg

• Sdunet - Hotel
• Booking of hotels abroad must go through Egencia
    ◦ Only exception is if in a conference offers room for a reasonable price. 
Video for booking hotels online

Information about SDU and Biology Needed for Payment or Terms of Sale
• CVR-no.(vat-number) 29283958
• Biologis EAN-no. 5798000423107
• SDU Pic-no. 999 904 616
• SDU address: Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M
• SDU bank account: 4366 3574428645
• Sdu.dk - Terms of sale

Invoice a collaborator 
• If a collaborator has to pay expenses e. g. for Analyzes => contact Inge Kroun as soon as possible
• Information needed to make an invoice:
    ◦ Name 
    ◦ Address
    ◦ EAN number 
    ◦ Vat number
    ◦ Text for the invoice?
    ◦ If it is concerning re-invoicing - You need the original invoice to be attached to the invoice to the collaborator

Library Open Access

Lost Documentation, Solemn Declaration

Bachelor Students and Financial Support
Ask the purchaser of your group if you can get financial support concerning your Bachelor-project. 

Master Students and Financial Support
Ask the purchaser of your group if you can get financial support concerning your Master thesis. 

Personal Expenses 
• should be avoided whenever possible to create personal expenses
• you should buy through our purchasers
Indkøbsgruppen - Biologisk Institut

Ph.D. Students and Financial Support
• Study Travel Account
    ◦ Tilskud til studierejse
    ◦Financial support
       ◦ Procedure study travel account (at least 9 weeks before departure)
    ◦ Study travel account Pixi
• Forskningsfonden
    ◦ Sdu.dk - Syddansk Universitets Forskningsfond

Purchasing Organization, Biology
Sdunet - Indkøb på Biologisk Institut

Representation, Entertainment Dinners, Receptions and Gifts
Sdunet - SDU's internal circular on entertainment dinners, receptions and gifts

Student Helper and Timesheet 
• Guideline for timesheet student helpers
• Timesheet sdu
• Note that it is only possible to make a timesheet in the current month and the 2 previous months. You can NOT save your hours and make a timesheet half a year after. 
• You have to do 2 timesheet at least each month because the system works from the 20 to the 20. So you have to do the hours from the 20. and rest of the month afterwards, and then it will get paid with next month salary. 

Reimbursement system zExpense
• Sdunet - Rejseafregning
• zExpense-UK link and instruction   (zExpense-DK link og instruktion)
•Any problems with your reimbursement, please call or write to our Travel office here at SDU
   ◦ +45 6550 2020 
    ◦ Rejser@sdu.dk

Who Do You Talk To Regarding Economic Tasks?
Dorte Banke Sjøberg: 10-306 
it means: pocket money/ annum/ institute operation/ teaching account/ study travel account/ re-invoicing of expenses
Inge Kroun
It means: projects/external founding / budgets / accounts / sales analyzes or other commercial activities