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Facilities and service functions

Department of Biology

In addition to our state-of-the-art lab facilities and field equipment on campus, the Biology Department also has two off-campus research facilities, the Marine Biological Research Center and Svanninge Bjerge Research Station. Both include wet and dry labs plus easy access to a range of aquatic and terrestrial field sites.

Led by associate professor Magnus Wahlberg, the Marine Biological Research Center is located on the Northern part of Funen at the mouth of Kerteminde Fjord, just 100 meter from the bus station.   The center's integration with Fjord & Belt facilitates animal behaviour studies involving animal training procedures with seabirds and marine mammals. These include for example psychophysical studies of hearing to help our researchers determine how the animals are affected by artificial noise sources in the wild. 

The department's research station resides on Southern Funen, just North of Faaborg in the pittoresque and private nature reserve Svanninge Bjerge, owned by Bikubenfonden. The research station holds teaching, research and meeting facilities with capacity for 80 people, including kitchen facilities and accommodation for up to 36 visitors. Populations of dormice, small rodents and small birds in Svanninge Bjerge are monitored through projects led by Thomas Bjørneboe Berg, external associate professor at the Department of Biology and senior scientist at Naturama in Svendborg. Svanninge Bjerge is an ideal field site for projects, including bachelor and Master's, focusing on population ecology and biodiversity.

Our mechanics and electronic workshops assist with both urgent problem solving and customized setups for a diverse range of research projects, from hearing  measurements on cormorants to deep sea research under extreme pressure conditions.

Last Updated 09.08.2023